A Review of Reactive Targets

 Paper targets are fine for some but there’s nothing more satisfying that hitting one of those big swinging gong targets and hearing that loud clang. That sound means you hit what you were aiming at and it provides instant gratification to the shooter. The best metal gun targets are made of high grade steel, 500 Brinell and they don’t have bolts and welds. Things like this weaken the steel. Remember, anything that can be hit with a bullet, will eventually be hit.

Metal Spinning Targets

Metal Spinning Targets have always been a favorite of gunmen. They not only make the clanging sound when you hit them but they also spin around which is fun. There are a large number of spinning targets out there and available. Be sure to look for something that is sturdy and has an uncomplicated design. A simple design with as few bolts, rivets, and welds will last longer and be safer to work with. The downside is that these can be hard to put together and set up for use.

Swinging Gong Targets

This is an old favorite of gun enthusiasts. You can hit a medium sized swinging gong at 750-1000 yards under good conditions. These come in all sizes and can be used with various caliber weapons. Always go by the manufacturer’s guidelines when choosing your weapon. If the swinging gong is only rated for smaller calibers, then don’t try to shoot at it with a 30-06. A larger caliber can completely destroy the metal and send metal fragments flying through the air.

The LaRue

The LaRue is a favorite for tactical competitions and is used in most Sniper competitions by the military. This is a sturdy, reliable metal gun target that requires very little maintenance. They are normally made of 500 Brinell Steel and battery powered. They automatically reset every 9 seconds. When not in use, they will shut off automatically. The downside on the LaRue is that it’s pretty heavy weighing 70 or 80 pounds. Also, it’s expensive and usually runs over $1,000.

Flash Targets

This is a steel target with a motion sensor that’s placed on the back. When the plate is hit, a signal is sent to a bright lamp that flashes instantly letting you know that you hit the target. These come in either fixed plate or as swingers. The Flash Target has a pretty fast reset time and is priced under $200.

Spring-Loaded Poppers
The spring-loaded popper is another favorite of gunmen. You’ll find these at every busy gun range. They are available from various manufacturers and come in many different plate configurations. Animal shapes are always popular. It’s best to choose a spring loaded popper with bolt-on plates making it simple to change out the targets to various designs. Prices range from $100 to $300 for this reactive target.

AR 500 Jumping Targets

AR 500 targets from JumpingTargets.com are constructed of sturdy 500 Brinell steel. They will take a lot of wear and tear and still keep working just fine. That’s why they are 100% guaranteed. The AR 500 gun target was designed to give you continual and safe use. The exciting design feature of the AR 500 target causes it to jump around when you shoot at it.

That is where JumpingTargets.com gets its name.  This is a highly durable metal rifle target priced under $100 that will withstand a whole lot of abuse and keep on working. The beauty of this gun target is that it takes almost no set up time and it resets itself so you can just keep on shooting. Our jumping target presents a 90 degree angle and has a ricochet angle of 20 degrees to ensure that you have the safest possible experience on the gun range.

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