How to Make an Excellent Metal Gun Target

Producing an excellent metal rifle target is an intricate process. The first thing to consider is the material that will go into the manufacture of the gun target. Anyone can claim that their gun targets are made of the highest grade steel, armored steel and that sort of thing but the American Iron and Steel Institute in Washington D.C. tells us the exact definition of steel. It is a metal composed of iron plus varying amounts of carbon and other alloys such as chromium, tungsten, nickel etc.

The steel making process is also important. There are dozens of methods of modifying the ingredients in steel but there are also dozens of methods of actually manufacturing it. There are processes like heat treating, rolling, and finishing. In the end, there are over 3,000 cataloged grades of steel available on the market today. There are only two factors that affect the hardness of steel though.

The first is the amount of carbon and other alloy elements in its chemical composition, and the second is the manner in which the heating and cooling of the steel is manipulated. These factors are determined at the most fundamental level, and affect the finished steel as a whole. There is no surface treatment or chemical application that can affect the steel's hardness. This means that once steel has been made, it can’t be treated in any way to make it harder or better.

At, we are experienced gunmen and have owned guns and shot them for many years. We knew going in that it was important to choose the best steel product on the market today. We’ve been out shooting too many times with guys using poorly made targets that would fly apart as soon as you hit them with a bullet. This is dangerous to everybody standing around.

Jumping Targets are made with 500 Brinell Steel, the highest grade there is. You can shoot at these targets over and over and they are still good to go. Their smooth surface generates a predictable splatter pattern. Steel that is not sufficiently hard will develop pits, craters, dimples, and other hazardous deformations. When a bullet hits them, almost anything can happen. It could potentially ricochet and injure you or someone standing next to you.

Though going out to the gun range to shoot with friends makes a real fun day, there’s nothing worse than having to rush a buddy to the hospital. At Jumping Targets, we’ve taken every precaution to ensure that your day at the gun range won’t end like that. Instead, it will be an exhilarating day of enjoyable shooting competitions with your buddies, followed by a delicious steak dinner at your favorite restaurant.

Our metal gun targets are 100% guaranteed and it doesn’t take much time to set them up. Each time you shoot at one of them, it flies to a new location and sets itself up for you. Doesn’t get much easier than that, does it?

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