Using Metal Rifle Targets to Improve your Aim

Hunting season is an exciting time for most hunters. You prepare months in advance by cleaning your weapons and digging out all your camouflage gear and camping equipment. It’s fun and exhilarating to leave the routine behind for a few days and get out into the wild with a few buddies to enjoy some campfire coffee and breakfast. But don’t forget the real reason you’re all out there: the game.

In order to get the game once you do get out in the wilderness, you’ve got to practice on the gun range regularly. If you are like many hunters, you may have a very busy life and a family that counts on you to be there. It can be challenging to find time to get out and practice your shooting skills. Most hunters struggle to get to the gun range as they try to keep their shooting skills honed for hunting season.

But getting out to the gun range comes with its own set of problems. You’ve got to clean your weapon, purchase ammunition and then find some good targets to shoot at. Over the years, hunters have used everything from beer bottles to soda cans but today’s serious hunter is looking for a more sophisticated shooting target.

There are many types of metal rifle targets available these days and they range in quality, size, price and design. The challenge has been to find a great moving target that works well and is decently priced. Targets for long range that will be used with high velocity rifles need to be extremely well designed and constructed. Otherwise, they can be dangerous to use.

Though a metal target may advertise that it is armor plated, the only way to be sure is to always look for targets made of 500 Brinell Steel. This substance is tough enough to withstand continual use with high powered weapons and still not break down or fall apart.

AR500 targets from have been made of quality 500 Brinell steel and they stand up even through the worst abuse. The AR 500 gun target was designed to take a beating and keep on giving you a good, safe target to shoot at. The most exciting feature of the AR 500 target is that it is designed to jump around when you shoot and hit it.

That’s where gets its name.  This highly durable metal rifle target jumps around each time you hit it so you can just keep on shooting. You won’t have to go over and reset one of those old-fashioned targets. There’s no long, drawn out process involved in setting it up. The AR500 target is always ready when you are. You’ll find getting out to the gun range is fun again!

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