Facts About the AR 500 Gun Target

Founded by gun enthusiasts, Jumping Targets is the result of years of work and research into the subject of how to build a practically invincible steel rifle target that would not require much work to set up and use. The founders had used every type of gun target over the years and if you love guns then you’ve probably done the same.

You may have tried the LaRue which is well-known to shooters and often used in competitions. Though this is a very long-lasting metal rifle target that can withstand a lot of wear and tear, it’s very expensive and many shooters simply can’t afford the investment.

The medium-sized swinging gong has become an old standby for many shooters. It’s a pretty easy target to hit and it’s priced under $200. This is an easy target to hit when conditions are good. There are now many varieties of the swinging gong target and the most important thing to look for is something well made that will withstand the rain, wind, dirt and of course, the bullets.

After years of using all these other types of metal rifle targets, the founders of Jumping Target came up with a revolutionary idea for a gun target that does its own moving around and setup. It’s called the AR500 and it’s very durable and constructed of 500 Brinell Steel. It’s important that any type of high power rifle target be made of 500 Brinell Steel. This type of material will withstand a great deal of usage and still hold up.

Working with high powered rifle targets that are made of inferior steel can cause injuries. These types of gun targets don’t last either. They wear out quick. Many of the various brands of gun targets have bolts and riveted joints that will definitely weaken with age and fall apart.

That’s one of the great things about the AR500. It has no bolt, joints or welded edges that will come apart after years of use. The AR500 presents a target at a 90 degree angle that has a calculated ricochet angle of 20 degrees. This ensures your safety along with years of trouble free usage. The unique design of the AR500 makes it possible for you to shoot at it for years and years and never do much damage to it.

Poorly designed shooting targets can cause injuries and can be difficult to work with. It can ruin your whole day to have gun targets that take too much time to set up and move around. The AR500 moves itself. Each time you shoot at it and hit it, it flies through the air and lands in a new location. As quickly as you can re-aim, you can shoot it again, over and over. The AR500 is quickly becoming the favorite for many gun enthusiasts and you won’t find a metal gun target at a much cheaper price.

The AR500 comes in multiple sizes for every caliber of bullet. The smaller 2.5” AR 500 is great for 22 caliber weapons while the 4.75” works fine with high powered rifles.

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