Various Types of Gun Targets for Today’s Gun Enthusiast

Shooting targets is a popular outdoor activity for gun enthusiasts. This type of activity can be fun and exhilarating, plus it gets you outside in the fresh air and sunshine. This is a fun activity for a group like a gun or motorcycle club to do together and families even enjoy shooting at moving targets.

In the past, metal rifle targets have been poorly constructed and even dangerous. When a metal shooting target is made of inferior metal, the bullet can ricochet and cause injuries to those standing around. Metal spinning targets that are manufactured of inferior steel also get damaged and destroyed very quickly leaving you with nothing to shoot at.

Today’s gun enthusiasts enjoy staying in practice for that next big hunting season that’s coming up. In order to keep your skills honed, you must get out on the gun range on a regular basis. In the past gun shooting targets have not performed well leaving shooters disappointed. Traditional gun targets can be difficult and time consuming to set up and they don’t fare well after a few rounds have been shot at them. Often, it’s necessary to stop and go over to reset the shooting targets.

The swinging gong target has always been a favorite of hunters. It is not only useful and versatile, but it can be used for long-range shooting practice. This type of reactive target has a surface area that is large enough to allow a hit even if your zero is slightly off and users have come to enjoy the audible clanging iron sound that it produces. Most shooters can hit it at 1000 yards under good conditions. This is a stationary target though, that will quickly become monotonous to work with.

High quality AR500 targets from are constructed of 500 Brinell steel and made to withstand repeated use. The revolutionary design means the target jumps when you hit it so you can just keep on shooting. There’s no long, drawn out effort involved in setting the target up and you won’t have to keep resetting it as others shoot at the AR500 target. is an idea whose time has come. Its creators are themselves expert gunmen who know what it takes to build a durable, long-lasting steel rifle target that can withstand continuous usage. Even leaving these metal targets out in the weather won’t damage them. And there are no bolts or rivets to come undone causing the gun target to fall apart over time. offers a variety of sizes in the Jumping Target and the size you purchase depends upon the type of weapon you will be using. The larger jumping targets are great for larger, more powerful weapons, while the smaller targets are great for use with a .22 caliber gun or similar weapon.

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