Jumping Targets Supports Senators Efforts to Ease Gun Restrictions for Military Spouses

Posted by Eric Morgan on September 23, 2015 0 Comments

Currently, military spouses are restricted to purchasing a gun in the state that is their permanent residence. Several senators have introduced new legislation that would permit the husband or wife of a military service member to purchase a gun in the state where their spouse is stationed. This legislation would further extend to purchasing guns in neighboring states if service members must cross state borders to enter their stationed bases.

South Dakota Republican Senator Mike Rounds cited reasons for increasing gun ownership in light of the recent increasing of shootings on military bases. His statement supporting gun ownership included the following: “At a time of increased threats on military bases and to members of our Armed Forces, it is as important as ever to give military families the opportunity to protect themselves and their loved ones.”

The Senators that support this bill believe that Congress must “make life safer and easier for these military families who sacrifice a great deal for America.”

Jumping Targets supports America’s military families and believes that safety is a number one priority.

Most importantly, owning a gun requires gun safety. Military families can check with local gun chapters and gun clubs for gun safety classes. Additionally, Jumping Targets offers a wide variety of superb gun targets, made from the highest quality AR500 steel. Steel with ratings under 400 should be avoided, as they are extremely dangerous. These sub-standard steel targets are subject to developing deformations, including pits and craters.

Jumping Targets focuses on developing AR500 steel targets that feature the highest degree of safety, including 90-degree angles and ricochet angles of 20 degrees. These quality steel targets are meant to last and are excellent for target practice.

These advanced targets offer caliber ratings for a variety of ammunition including: .22 rimfire; .38, .40, .45, 9mm and .357 handgun; and .223, 7.x62.39, .308, 7.62x54, .306 and .338 high power.

Their website features metal rifle targets including steel shooting gong stands, dueling tree gun targets, hostage silhouette targets and their popular AR500 steel gun jumping targets. The website also includes a detailed video, which provides a visual aid showing how the targets work.

Whether military personnel or spouses are looking for rifles or pistols, Jumping Targets offers targets for both types of weapons, helping ensure that America’s military personnel are protected and armed. 






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