Jumping Targets: The Pros of Gun Ownership

Gun ownership and the Second Amendment is a hot topic right now. I cannot turn on the news without hearing about another gun shooting tragedy and I find that more of my social outings involve friends and acquaintances entering into disagreements about how gun ownership causes criminal behavior. If you find yourself in a friendly debate, it is important to know the facts about gun ownership and the necessity behind keeping the Second Amendment intact.

Here are some key points to memorize.

  • Even though I own a fire extinguisher, if my house is on fire, I would call 911. So, if an intruder were in my house and with seconds counting, I would have a gun to save my family.
  • Shooting is considered a legitimate Olympic Sport and the U.S holds more gold medals than any other nation.
  • More than 50-percent of Americans own firearms.
  • I respect the U.S. Constitution and I believe in preserving the integrity of what our forefathers’ gave us, including freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. Once you remove one amendment, it is a slippery slope.
  • More people are likely to die by falling than by being shot. In 2007 alone, only ½ of 1% of all fatal accidents were gunshot related. That means you have a better chance of dying by falling, driving, drowning or even poisoning. The media just relies on scare tactics and stories that sell.
  • The CDC estimates that Americans have successfully used guns 498,000 to stop burglaries in their homes. That means that lives have been saved by gun ownership.
  • When Washington D.C. banned handguns in 1984, murders increased 73%, while throughout the U.S. they decreased 11%.
  • The New York Times conducted a thorough study and discovered that 90% of the 1,662 murders within the city were related to people that were killers or had criminal records.
  • Gun rights groups have donated more than $22 million in political campaigns, while gun control groups have only given $1.8 million.
  • Nearly five in 100,000 Americans will be murdered this year. This number can decrease with more household gun ownership.
  • Switzerland has the world’s highest gun ownership rate and coincidently also has the lowest homicide rate. The countries that prohibit gun ownership – South Africa, Columbia, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan and the Philippines – have 20 murders per 100,000 people.
  • The U.S. National Academy of Sciences has failed to identify one gun control measure that reduces suicide, violent crime or gun accidents. The same is true for the Center of Disease Control.


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