Jumping Targets: Armed Citizens Stand Guard

The tragedy that struck Hiram, Georgia, on July 17, 2015, will remain in the hearts of Americans for an eternity. An armed man that is suspected to have ties to militant anti-American groups entered military recruiting centers, going on a shooting spree, killing armed forces recruiters.

According to U.S. military laws, recruiting centers do not allow men and women to carry guns for self-defense. In this shocking slaying, the soldiers that put their lives on the line to defend America were ultimately helpless victims, unable to defend themselves.

After the shooting, approximately 30 armed citizens showed up, working in shifts, to protect the recruiting offices. Valuing life and disagreeing that American soldiers cannot defend their own freedoms, they have agreed to make sure that the recruitments centers are covered every single hour of each business day.

But yet anti-gun advocates are still lining up in droves insisting that if guns were banned this incidence would never occurred. Do these non-gun owning liberals not see that criminals will always be able to get their hands on guns and commit crimes? In this case, Mohammod Abdulazeez simply went after victims that he knew were not armed. Could this tragedy have been prevented if the recruiters were able to be armed on the job? This is an answer we will never know.

Abdulazeez’s parents have been quick to blame his downward spiral of abusing opioids, sleeping pills, marijuana, painkillers and alcohol. This has indeed become an epidemic in our country, but not every addict commits these heinous crimes. His parents admitted that he took a seven-month trip to Jordan and visited Yemen and he was deeply impressionable. The bottom line is that our society can try to make up excuses for why this young man killed and stole the lives of American soldiers, but there is nothing that will bring back these soldiers’ vibrancy and youth that they valiantly for our nation. The bottom line is that Abdulazzez chose to slaughter these soldiers in cold blood.

More importantly, gun owners need to take a stand. Incidents like these should not give liberals the chance to try to take away more of our Second Amendment rights. Instead, gun owners need to speak up for more rights. If more people conceal carry, there is less chance that people like Abdulazzez will be walk the streets of our country and murdering in cold blood. Perhaps criminals will think twice before pulling out a gun because they will live in fear of who is carrying a concealed weapon. Instead, these criminals feel as though they rule our streets, being able to rule our lives and bully us into leaving our guns at home or chiding us into hiding behind cars while crimes are committed.

The true American heroes are the ones that stand up and guard recruiting offices, taking the stand that the American government will not.

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