The Appeal of AR500 Steel Targets

Steel targets are a necessary part of any shooters’ gear. Steel shooting targets provide instant feedback, allowing shooters to adjust their effectiveness when hitting targets.

Experts recommend using AR500 steel targets, which immediately allow shooters to identify and correct poor shooting habits. Steel targets provide immediate reactions, which is like having a personal coach on the shooting range. In fact, shooters waste less time retrieving paper targets and trying to determine their mistakes, when steel targets provide real-life accuracy.

Steel targets not only offer feedback, but they also show where the bullet hits the target. Once a target is beyond a couple hundred yards, it is very difficult to use paper targets. In fact, steel targets allow shooters to accurately see long-range impacts for many reasons:

  • A bullet’s impact on a steel target is significantly larger than the hole it would produce on paper. A bullet splashes against the superheated metal of a steel target, allowing the impact mark to be seen from greater distances. A hanging gong or steel target also highlights the bullet’s hit by the way it moves and sways. If the left side of the target is hit, it will sway more dramatically. The effect of hitting a steel target is visible to more than 1,000 yards with 12x magnification.
  • The noises that a bullet makes when hitting a steel target allows shooters to instantly know they have hit their mark. This allows shooters to immediately know if they hit the target when shooting.
  • AR500 steel is a long-term investment, but when comparing the cost of cheaper models or paper targets over time, it is a better investment. Steel targets are designed to withstand thousands of rounds of ammunition and are designed to take a beating. They are extremely durable and built to withstand a wide variety of calibers. Subpar, lower grade steel deforms and allows dangerous bullet fragments to ricochet back towards the shooter. AR500 steel is several times harder than average construction steel, which allows it to resist deformation under a variety of rifle-caliber impacts.
  • Jumping Targets offers a wide variety of target types, sizes and explains the details and advantages of purchasing AR500 steel over sub grade models. Featuring a selection of jumping targets, gongs and silhouettes, shooters will have no shortage of high-grade steel models to choose from in their online catalog.
  • Safety should be exercised when using steel targets. Jumping Targets sets specific manufacturer guidelines, such as safe firing distances, including bullet and caliber restrictions. Steel targets feature safe 20-degree ricochet angles for maximum protection and the gongs offer chains, which help dissipate energy. Steel targets are a long-term investment and offer significantly different shooting experiences over standard paper shooting targets.

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