Jumping Targets Explains the Advantages to Avoiding Lead Ammunition Exposure Risks

Long ago, the only types of ammunition were lead. With many government websites expressing concern about unnecessary lead exposure, Jumping Targets offers helpful tips for shooters to avoid lead contamination.

Shooters can switch to environmentally friendly, lead-free ammunition alternatives, such as copper-covered rounds that feature metal-free primers.

Additionally, cleaning firearms offers additional lead exposure. Jumping Targets highlights several tips for cleaning guns, helping to reduce lead exposure.

  • Shooters should wear nitrile gloves, which are latex gloves that will dissolve with solvents. These should be disposed after cleaning every gun.
  • Always wear eye protection when cleaning guns. This includes protection that covers the eyes, nose and mouth areas.
  • Use non-porous cleaning surfaces that are easy to be cleaned, or consider surfaces that are easy to throw away.
  • Place all disposable gloves, swabs, patches and cleaning materials in sealed trash bags and immediately dispose of these items.
  • Avoid any pressurized air, such as fans, which can blow surfaces and cause excess oil or solvent to disperse contaminants.
  • Thoroughly wash face, arms and hands after cleaning guns.
  • Use only cold water, soap and a skin cleaner for removing metal, while using cold water.
  • Always change into new clothing immediately after going to the gun range, cleaning guns or shooting.
  • Never drink, eat or smoke when handling ammunition, reloading a gun or cleaning a gun. This allows for easy cross-contamination.

Other options to consider include:

  • Shooting outdoors and avoiding any poorly ventilated areas to help reduce lead exposure.
  • If shooters frequently shoot using lead ammunition, it may be advisable to have regular lead exposure tests.
  • Minimize time at commercial gun shooting ranges to limit exposure to second-hand lead poisoning.

Jumping Targets offers a wide variety of AR500 steel targets that are ideal for private shooting areas. These help decrease the risk of lead exposure in public gun ranges. These highly advanced, technologically engineered metal shooting targets are portable and provide instant feedback and results. Moving targets help beginning and advanced shooters hone their shooting skills, whether it is for self-defense or hunting.




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