Jumping Targets Features Mistakes that Decrease Rifle Accuracy

Rifle shooters that are experiencing errors in their execution may benefit from this helpful guide that highlights common mistakes associated with rifle accuracies.

  • Scopes – An improperly mounted scope greatly sacrifices rifle accuracy. Look online for tutorials and videos, including gunsmith and scope manufacturer websites to ensure that scopes are properly mounted. Begin with quality scope bases and rings, making sure the scope is level in the gun vise before securing it to the gun. Using a torque wretch, tighten the screws of the scope according to manufacturer specifications.
  • Unstable Rests – Holding a rifle steady is necessary for accuracy. For shooters that regularly practice, investing in a bench rest or bipod are excellent options.
  • Shooting in Poor Conditions – Professionals recommend practicing sighting and load testing early in the mornings, on calm days. Temperature is lowest during these times, which allows mirages to be non-existent. Shooting in poor conditions is not helpful when setting up rifles.
  • Shoulder Pressure – Applying inconsistent shoulder pressure decreases rifle accuracy. This is a matter of personal preference, as some shooters prefer heavier shoulder pressure than others. It is important to apply uniform shoulder pressure. As long as shooters are able to calibrate the rifle accurately every time, they will likely experience great success with shooting accuracy.
  • Trigger Pull – Instead of smoothly pressing the trigger, many people yank it. Pressing the trigger gently helps to create a consistent trigger pull that does not disturb the sight’s picture.
  • Barrel Heat – Having too much barrel heat can cause inconsistency when shooting. Shooters should let barrels cool in between shots, or shoot in the shade.
  • Focus and Follow-Through – The shot does not end once the bullet is fired. Shooting requires follow through, with shooters staying mentally and physically connected until the bullet hits the target. Smaller targets require more significant, focused concentration, which can help refine shooter’s skills.
  • Wrong Ammunition – Selecting the right type of ammunition is essential. When shooting factory rifles, it is important to test five or six loads and analyze performance qualities. Focus on the consistency of loading procedures too. The ultimate goal is to mimic consistency and accuracy in between loading.

Jumping Targets helps refine and improve shooters’ skills. Using the highest quality AR500 steel targets, these advanced designs resist pits, craters and dangerous deformations. Their targets are engineered to defect and ricochet bullets at 20-degree angles, making them safe and enjoyable for shooters.

Their product guide includes steel shooting targets, including ground targets, gongs and standing targets. Their steel pistol targets are also featured on their web videos, giving shooters an idea of how practical and durable these long-lasting targets are for beginning and advanced shooters alike.



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