Shooting Targets with Handguns

Choosing the right type of handgun can be a daunting, overwhelming first-time experience. Handgun prices greatly vary, costing approximately $250 to $2,500. If purchasing a handgun, it is advisable that owners consider looking into a concealed handgun permit.

There are two significant types of handguns.


Revolvers feature a rotating cylinder that includes several firing chambers. Generally, revolvers hold six rounds. They are often less expensive than semi-automatic handguns. The benefits of owning a revolver include the following:

  • Revolvers are easier to use because they have less moving parts and functions than a semi-automatic.
  • Revolvers are easier for people with less hand strength to operate because they do not have a sliding function.
  • Overall, this type of handgun is more reliable.
  • Revolvers offer more ammunition options.
  • This compact weapon is generally more accurate out of the box.
  • A semi-automatic pistol requires training that is more intensive.

Revolvers are excellent for home defense and are easy to store for extended times. With fewer moving parts, they require less maintenance and cleaning.


There are benefits to owning a semi-automatic weapon.

  • Semi-automatics hold magazines, which are capable of holding eight to 10 rounds, but extended magazines can hold up to 15 to 30 rounds.
  • Semi-automatics offer faster reload times.
  • There are wider varieties of holsters and accessories available for semi-automatics.
  • Semi-automatics are easy to carry and offer spare ammunition in preloaded magazines.
  • These are easier to conceal as they offer a thinner action than a standard revolver.

Jumping Targets offers superior AR 500 targets that can withstand rim fire, handgun and high power ammunition. They supply innovative, one-of-a-kind metal spinning targets that provide instant feedback for shooters, giving them the ability to see first-hand their shooting results.

These pistol targets are made of the highest quality, meaning their designs last. Offering advanced stability and a superior steel, these pistol targets are excellent for becoming acquainted with new guns or simply keeping shooting skills sharp.



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