Jumping Targets Promotes Living “Real” Life Dreams

When “Top Gun” was released in 1986, Navy recruiters lined up outside cinemas across the U.S. and men, in an adrenaline-induced daze, quickly signed up to join the military. Their dreams, which focused on becoming a Top Gun pilot and women chasing after them, soon became a stark reality. Most of the men were assigned to anti-climatic enlisted jobs that involved working in linguistics departments, medical facilities, becoming EMTs, working on airplanes, etc.

After men watched the movie, reports showed that careers of wanting to become a Naval Aviator increased by an astounding 500-percent. However, very few military personnel can complete Top Gun training and actually succeed in Flight School.

So, in 1986 men were living the daydream of becoming Navy pilots. Now, they are living the daydream of being Mark Wahlberg in “The Lone Survivor” or Bradley Cooper in “American Sniper.” As always, military movies draw controversy from many groups on both political sides. 

Whether these movies are completely accurate or fictionalized with a Hollywood spin, men always leave the movie theater feeling an intense range of emotions, but mostly with an adrenaline rush. It does not mean that men want to go out, steal a Navy jet, and fly it or that they want to literally become a sniper. It is equivalent to women watching a romance and feeling giddy with delight and happiness. In fact, psychologists would explain it as the brain’s pleasure center, which is similar to the enjoyment or pleasure some people find playing video games.

The next time your significant other comes home from watching the latest sniper or war movie in the theater, pumped for action and feeling as though he has found his calling in the world, instead of immediately joining the military, highlighted below are some helpful, non-career changing alternatives.

To help men feel as though they are living the dream, buy them the downsized version. Jumping Targets offers AR500 Steel Small SniperBot Metal Shooting Targets. This innovative target offers a patent-pending torsion glide technology that helps the target to mechanically reset-itself. This heavy-duty, long lasting target also features industrial strength springs and hinges for advanced longevity. With each hit, the SniperBot rotates 90 degrees, revealing a new target.

Another fun Target is based on the International Practical Shooting Confederation design and is the IPSC Hostage Silhouette Target. Made of 3/8-inch AR500 steel, this hostage target offers interchangeable 2.5-inch, 3.5-inch and 4.75-inch moving targets.

Fortunately, men can have their fun while staying safe at home too.




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