Gun Targets Help Improve Shooting Skills

Jumping Targets offers award-winning tips for shooters that want to boost their shooting skills and improve their accuracy.

  • Gear – Shooters should always know their gear before embarking on a hunt, shooting excursion or casual expedition. To help them prepare, they should spend time with their rifles, scopes and other elements of the weapon, including the rifle’s action, cartridge feeding mechanisms, accuracy, cleaning the gun, etc.
  • .22LR – To help practice with cheap ammunition, shooters should consider purchasing an inexpensive .22LR. Ammunition for this weapon is mere pennies per round, and while it is not a replacement for shooting with a rifle, it does help shooters get back in the hunting or shooting mode. In fact, it helps expert shooters improve their shooting with center-fire ammunition.
  • Shape – Before embarking on any type of outdoor adventure, it is important that people get in shape. Breathing and pulse are significant factors when shooting from any field position. It is important to be able to keep these body conditions in check, especially when hunting for small or large game. Additionally, it is healthier for the body to not be gasping for oxygen when trying to take an accurate rifle shot. Slow, steady breaths are healthy so people may consider joining a gym, going through home exercise DVDs, purchasing an exercise bike, going for daily walks with their pets or children or other types of exercise to help improve their overall body condition.
  • Sighting In Rifles – Bullet shape and weight are significant factors, as these determine where the bullet hits several hundred yards down range. When sighting in a weapon, determine the exact ammunition that will be used when hunting. Bore sighting is never a substitute for sighting with hunting ammunition or with live ammunition at a hunting range.
  • Practice Shooting – To help mimic real life shooting positions, shooters should try shooting from field positions. If hunters want to prepare for hunting season, they should shoot from bipods and other accuracy aids that they may use when hunting in the outdoors. This will help improve their accuracy and give them results that are more fluid.
  • Limitations – All shooters need to know their limitations. Even though modern optics and ammunition claims it is theoretically possible to shoot game from more than six or seven football lengths away, it does not mean it is sportsmen-like and it is also not worth wounding an animal without a fatal shot. Ultimately, if a hunter does not feel comfortable taking a shot, he/she should take a step back and not take the shot.
  • Steel Shooting Targets – Jumping Targets offers metal spinning targets that are made of high-grade AR500 steel. Offering immediate results, these moving targets are ideal for hunters shooting at short or long distances and allow shooters to dramatically improve their aim and accuracy.

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