Spring Time Calls for Coyote Hunting

Many states are beginning to reconsider their coyote hunting timeframes, as this canine is becoming an overpopulated nuisance. Plaguing farmers, native wildlife and even attacking domestic dogs and cats, coyotes are known for luring their prey by imitating small animals’ distress cries and preying on the weak.

Many farmers are simply opening up their acreage, ranches and farms and asking hunters for help saving their spring calves, horses and other newborn livestock. Since coyotes hunt in packs, most young or newborn farm animals do not stand a chance against these wild animals.

In late winter and early spring, coyotes are constantly on the look out for food sources, which costs farmers substantial amounts of money in lost livestock.

Hunters have to check each individual states’ hunting rules and regulations, but many states are beginning to permit electronic calls or mouth calls. Decoys may also be acceptable. These can be as simple as a child’s plush toy on a high stake near the calling position. Consider using a realistic type of plush toy, such as a rabbit or small dog to appeal to coyotes. Coyotes are curious, but cautious animals, so decoys need to still appear realistic and be camouflaged.

Coyotes generally come out at night. Many states allow lights to help spotlight coyotes, too. Coyote hunters are often limited in their selection of weapons, which may include .22 caliber or smaller weapons, rimfire rifles that are .22 caliber or smaller or shotguns that are no larger than a size 2.

Coyote hunting is rapidly gaining popularity because in many states it has a year-round season. It also helps benefit farmers and native wildlife populations by controlling coyote populations, which helps reduce the number of coyote pups being born.

For hunters that are interested in exploring coyote hunting, it is still important to abide by sportsmen-like rules and only take shots that will be fatal. As always, practicing with guns is important, as it helps improve aim and accuracy, making hunters feel more comfortable and fluid with their weapons of choice.

Jumping Targets offers a wide assortment of custom-designed AR500 steel targets. These targets are specifically designed as moving targets, which provide instant visual feedback for shooters. This allows shooters to spend less time fetching traditional paper targets and more time honing in their accuracy based on the weapon, bullet caliber, windage, angle, sights, shooting distances, etc.

It is important that hunters practice on steel shooting targets so they are ready to enter real-life shooting situations, which involves precision for real-world fatal shots.



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