The Benefits of Enjoying Shooting Targets

Jumping Targets features several reasons why shooting sports are enjoyable, beneficial and fun for the whole family.

  • Fun – Shooting activities are fun. Shooting activities can be conducted in indoor shooting areas or outdoor areas with steel targets.
  • Safe – Compared to group or individual sporting activities, shooting sports are safe. For example, people are 100 times more likely to receive an injury in a swimming pool than by gunfire. People are 31 times more likely to receive an injury by simply riding in a car than by gunfire. With more gun safety and training programs growing through the U.S., the number of gun accidents are declining and are in fact at an all time low.
  • Family – Shooting sports give families a great way to spend time together. Shooting targets make it easy for families to spend time outdoors, whether it is fathers and sons or mothers and daughters too.
  • Individuals – Shooting is also an excellent individual activity that does not require any group assistance. Some people say they enjoy individual shooting activities, as it gives them necessary peace and solitude.
  • Lifetime Sport – As a lifelong sport, shooting can be taught early in children’s teen years and continue into adult’s old age. Even disabled adults are able to go on hunts and can even compete in shooting competitions.
  • Training – Building physical discipline, training can continue throughout one’s lifetime. Shooters that continue to train can experience physical and mental strength, hand-eye coordination, stamina and fine motor skill development. These skills can help people throughout all aspects of their lives.
  • Mental Discipline – Shooting steel targets helps increase mental discipline, as up to 90-percent of sport shooting is considered a mental activity. Shooting requires intense concentration, problem solving, mathematical logic, creative thinking and is enjoyed by both men and women.
  • Liberty – Promoting liberty, the right to bear arms helps to preserve this freedom granted by our forefathers in the Bill of Rights under the Second Amendment.
  • Saving Lives – Within the last 10 years, firearms have been used more than 2.5 million times annually to prevent crime. Think of how many lives have been saved!
  • Educational Opportunities – The Olympics offers 17 gun-sporting events, which in turn offerz scholarship programs through several universities.
  • Environment and Community – Gun activities also provide families with the opportunity to meet other families interested in shooting activities.

Jumping Targets offers several different metal targets. These fun targets are designed to entertain adults and older children alike, providing challenging, ever changing training regimes. With moving targets that constantly offer new environmental shooting challenges, shooters will never tire of the upcoming fun-filled adventure that AR500 steel targets provide.




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