Shooting Target Tips: What Affects Rifle Accuracy

Sometimes shooting accuracy is not a direct result of the shooter, but the weapon of choice. Rifle accuracy depends on several different influences, including the gun’s capabilities and outside influences, as well as consistency.

To help boost these factors, Jumping Targets has created several different steel shooting targets that help shooters determine if their accuracy or the gun is at fault. There are several steps that shooters should take, including the following:

  1. Scope – An improperly mounted scope can greatly affect the accuracy of a weapon. When shooting steel targets, make sure the scope has quality rings and bases, is level in the vise and the scope before it is secured to the gun. Using the manufacturer’s specifications, a torque wrench is used to tighten the screws.
  2. Rest – An unstable rest will not allow for maximum accuracy when shooting AR500 steel targets. If the rifle is not steady when the shooter is holding it, accuracy can be dramatically sacrificed. Shooters should invest in a bipod or tripod to provide a steady bench rest for shooting.
  3. Bad Conditions – Shooting in poor conditions decreases sight and thus causes poor shooting results.
  4. Shoulder Pressure – Using inconsistent shoulder pressure when shooting targets makes it more difficult to repeat accurate shots. Some shooters prefer more shoulder pressure than other shooters. This is acceptable if they can accurately calibrate the weapon every time they shoot.
  5. Trigger Pull – If using an inconsistent trigger pull, this can heavily influence a shooter’s accuracy. A pull should feel similar to a press, requiring little external pressure. This movement is best practiced using dry firing skills.
  6. Barrel Heat – Too much barrel heat can cause the groups to open up closer than normal. It is important to be patient and wait for barrels to cool or if near electrical outlets, use portable fans to blow cool air across the barrels.
  7. Follow Through and Focus – Having a lack of follow through and focus can also throw many shooters off from hitting their targets. Just as important as being physically ready to shoot is being mentally ready. Shooting sports require a physical and mental connection that mandates intense concentration, with intense focus on a single impact point. If concentration wanes, it is easy for shooters to become distracted and lose focus.
  8. Ammunition – One of the most common mistakes shooters make is using the wrong ammunition. Selecting the right type of ammunition is crucial not only to gun safety, but also for excellent gun accuracy. When using a gun, test fix to six loads of ammunition to determine what performs best based on the gun and in certain environments. This allows results to easily be reviewed, instead of shooters focusing on poor reloading skills.

Start the New Year off right and focus on improving rifle accuracy by eliminating common shooting mistakes.

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