Tips for Shooting Targets in Cold Weather

Whether it is shooting or hunting in cold or snowy weather, it can be a challenge for shooters to keep warm. Jumping Targets offers several helpful tips to keep shooters warm, while warding off chilly weather.

  • Cold Weather – Shooters need to plan for cold weather. This includes dressing in several warm layers, fingerless gloves that convert to mittens and much more. It is important to carry a camera when scouting big game and fingerless gloves provide the opportunity to easily access camera controls.
  • Spare Battery – Electronic device batteries have less life in cold weather than in warm weather. Always carry spare batteries for cell phones, cameras or anything that requires additional batteries.
  • Exposure – If looking for proper exposure, it is important to know that when taking pictures in the snow, it can overexpose photos, turning them into a bland gray. When tracking game for opening season, consider disabling the camera’s exposure compensation control to adjust the coloring, which helps hunters’ easily analyze photos later.
  • White Balance – Use the white snow as a color balance for white settings or opt to shoot pictures in RAW mode. This is handy for taking pictures from tree stands for large game, coyotes and many other types of mammals.
  • Camouflage – There are several different types of camouflage patterns, which depend on the type of environment, season and area. Common types of hunting camouflage include grass and leaf, snow camo, safety camo and cactuflage camo. Depending upon the best type of design, hunters should choose a pattern that perfectly blends with surroundings to minimize warning game of their impending arrival.

Jumping Targets’ offers a wide array of high quality metal shooting targets. These moving targets are excellent for providing hunters and shooters with advanced practice, giving them the ability to perfect their aim and accuracy. These shooting targets are designed for metal rifle targets or pistol targets, the latter of which is excellent for home self-defense.

An ideal holiday or birthday gift, these AR500 shooting targets help take shooting practice to the next level, providing hunters with accurate targets that “jump” or move, which gives shooters the ability to spend more time shooting, forgoing resetting targets and wasting time. Additionally, shooters can immediately see their shooting results, as targets will jump or swing to the opposite side. With instant results, these shooting targets are in high demand this season and are expected to continue to grow in demand with both shooters and hunters alike.



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