Coyotes: Seasonal Moving Targets

Coyote hunting is usually in season year-round. While hunting tactics vary by season, there are different methods used for early winter and late winter.

  • Early winter – Coyote pups are beginning to turn into adults, but are still teenagers mentally. They may still have social contact with their families or parents, but often they are starting to wander alone or may hunt with their sibling group. Breeding season is coming up and some coyotes may start to become more aggressive. Challenge howls are successful in attracting alpha male coyotes. Prey-distress calls are also effective, but hunters should switch them up so coyotes do not catch on to them being overused. While foliage is sparse in the winter, hunters should adjust camouflage patterns, as coyotes are very smart in surveying their surroundings.
  • Late winter – Many coyotes are on their own and are hungry. Acting more on hunger than intelligence, coyotes will respond to distress and howling calls. With mating season right around the corner, coyotes are less interested in food, so it may be wise for hunters to try howling two to three times. It may be best to spread this technique one-hour apart. If some coyotes have already found a mate, it is common for calls to result in a male and female both arriving. The male will arrive first and then the female. This may be a two-for-one opportunity for hunters.

Hunting in cold weather provides hunters with an excellent range of vision, but the downside is less hiding areas. Coyote decoys with e-callers help to draw coyotes’ attention away from hunters and towards decoys. Hunters should use crosswinds to their advantage. Cold air decreases coyotes’ sense of smell, while snow helps to enhance it.

When coyote hunters want to brush up on their hunting skills, it is best to use high quality targets. Jumping Targets’ offers several varieties of moving targets, including AR500 steel metal targets. These targets are designed to withstand pits, metal deformations and craters, which helps provide peace of mind to shooters and hunters when practicing.

Jumping Targets’ expert staff has created specialized steel targets that feature 90-degree angles that help prevent bullet fragmentation and harmful ricochet patterns. These scientifically engineered designs are specially calculated with 20-degree ricochet patterns, which help provide the utmost shooting experience for shooters and bystanders alike. These long-lasting AR500 steel targets will provide years of enjoyable shooting fun, preparing hunters for upcoming duck hunting season.



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