Practicing for Duck Hunting with Gun Targets

Winter season brings much excitement for avid avian hunters. Ducks abound in winter elements, thriving on ice, in strong winds, rain, heavy snow and fog. Generally, the last few weeks of annual duck season offer some of the most successful avian hunting all year.

The following offers helpful tips for adjusting hunting techniques to conform to challenging winter climates and conditions.

  • Ice – Hunters need to watch where birds fly, using binoculars to determine any breaks in the ice where birds enter and exit.
  • Winds – Ducks love strong winds and it is not uncommon to see them flying in winds higher than 40 mph. Ducks generally feed in the morning, arriving back midmorning and as the winds begin to grow stronger, they look for shelter during the day. Hunters can look for trees or shelter areas where calm shorelines attract ducks. This is where duck decoys are helpful. As in windy weather, ducks will generally land without circling and surveying areas for danger.
  • Rain – Heavy rain causes ducks to flock to fresh water, pastureland and sloughs. Fields that flood will also see an abundance of ducks, which gives hunters an opportunity to take advantage of poor weather.
  • Snow – Ducks love snowy weather, which makes them want to eat grain. This gives them the opportunity to eat all day. The trick for hunters to successfully maximize their duck limit is to wear all white clothing, lie in the snow and shoot ducks as they fly overhead, before landing.
  • Fog – Contrary to popular belief, it is easy to see dogs in fog. Ducks quack in the fog, making it easy to use duck calls to attract more ducks. Ducks will splash in the water, chattering occasionally. Fog also helps cover the duck blind, giving hunters more cover.

To allow hunters to practice in a wide variety of weather climate conditions, Jumping Targets offers several unique gun targets. Made of quality AR500 steel, these metal spinning targets have revolutionized the world of shooting, for both hunters and self-defense shooters.

These heavy-duty gun targets feature advanced 90-degree angles and allow bullets to safety ricochet at 20-degree angles. This allows hunters to effectively practice their aim and accuracy before entering the hunting arena. It is vital that hunters have safe gun handling techniques, know how to appropriate aim and fire their weapons and have their sights well adjusted before attempting to shoot animals or be around other hunters.

An advantage of purchasing Jumping Targets is that hunters are able to refine their shooting techniques in private areas at home or on authorized properties. This gives them the ability to try shooting from several different angles, whether it is standing, kneeling, lying down, etc.




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