Jumping Targets Offers Black Bear Steel Shooting Targets

Black bear hunting is open in some areas year-round and in other locations, it is a seasonal hunting activity. While previous big game experience is not a requirement for bear hunting, it is helpful. When hunting for black bears, skilled hunters know the importance of utilizing stalking skills and carrying appropriate big game hunting equipment.

Big game hunting requires expert stealth skills. After all, big game does not survive well into adulthood without paying close attention to their surroundings, sudden movements and paying attention to unusual noises. Hunters must wear bear scent that helps remove human scent, as bears’ sense of smell is up to ten times stronger than a full blood canine hound. Keep wind direction in check at all times to help prevent bears from discovering human smell.

If using a bait station, most hunters set up a tree stand. Jumping Targets’ offers a tree hugger stand that is ideal for practicing hunting wild game, such as bears. Hunters should always take their time, taking a deep breath before aiming for a fatal kill shot.

Practice for this trophy moment can help be accomplished by using Jumping Targets’ AR500 steel. Anything less than AR500 steel targets can pit, develop craters and cause steel deformations, which may lead to dangerous safety-related issues.

Just as important as strong AR500 metal shooting targets is the target’s design. Some targets use clamps, brackets and bolts to hold steel shooting targets together; however, this is unsafe and can lead to steel damage. A solid target design focuses on safety, angling targets at effective 90-degree angles and ricocheting angles at 20 degrees. These types of heavy-duty targets are designed to last for years, not simply a season.

When bear hunting, hunters should always be alert, paying attention to details, such as shot placement. Additional tips for hunting black bears include using proper bait techniques, calling tips, such as grunts, blowing and chomping, human-like calls, appropriate weapons, and much more. Hunters are advised to consider the following types of weapons, which are reliable and easily available: .25/06 Remington 120 gr., .264 Winchester Mag. 140 gr., .284 Winchester 150 gr., .270 Winchester 130 gr. and 150 gr., .308 Winchester 150 gr. and 180 gr., 7 mm Remington Mag. 150 gr., .20/06 Springfield 150 gr., 165 gr., 7 mm-008 Remington 120 gr., .348 Winchester 200 gr., .358 Winchester 200 gr., .444 Marlin 240 gr. and .280 Remington 150 gr.

Additionally, black bear hunters should consider the type of clothing, including preparing for outdoor showers, hip boots, waders, duct tape, protecting against unnatural odors, rubber boots, scent control clothing, clothing layers, extra layers of clothing and accessories, such as tree stands, bug repellent, scent control and other hunting-related gear.




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