Jumping Targets’ Metal Targets are Fantastic Holiday Gifts

Jumping Targets’ offers several metal targets for avid hunters and shooters, including people that are just getting into safe shooting techniques and are interested in personal protection.

Ideal for gift giving, these moving targets offer hours of entertainment and safe* family shooting practice. As more households are giving the gift of guns this holiday season, albeit it rifles, shotguns or handguns, it is important that gun owners learn to safely and accurately shoot weapons.

Jumping Targets’ offers a wide array of metal targets, which also includes high quality steel shooting targets. It is vital to use high quality steel, as inferior steel can easily break down over short periods, causing dangerous fragments to potentially injure shooters and bystanders. Jumping Targets only offers the highest quality AR500 steel. These heavy-duty targets are designed to last, prevent damage and offer a design that avoids bullet fragmentation and ricochet, as well as avoid unwanted bullet splatter patterns.

Whether a loved one or friend already has a Jumping Target, this last year has seen exciting achievements and innovations. Jumping Targets now offers several jumping steel metal targets, as well as new additions, such as steel shooting gong stands, circle gongs and square gongs. Their impressive dueling tree also offers additional dueling tree paddle sets for added purchase. These are awesome for hours of shooting practice, allowing shooters to focus on aim and accuracy instead of wasting time constantly resetting targets. The AR-500 Small Sniper Bot features uniquely impressive Torsion Guide Technology, which actually self-resets using mechanically powered self-resetting technology. Rotating 90 degrees after a successful hit, a new target reveals, which allows for constant practice.

The IPSC Hostage Silhouette Target is ideal for competitive shooters that need additional training. This product offers 2.5-inch, 3.5-inch and 4.75-inch paddles and features an AR-500 deflector shield, which helps prevent stray rounds from damaging the heavy-duty stand.

Jumping Targets also features small animal targets, such as the Rockin’ Gopher and the Rockin’ Rabbit AR500 steel target. These are perfect for practicing shooting small game, such as squirrels, rabbits and other little wild animals. They also feature the convenient tree hugger game stand, which helps provide hunters with shooting skills from tree stands for deer, elk, bear or moose seasons.

As always, Jumping Targets offer convenient replacement stickers, which make the ideal stocking stuffers, as do the paper targets, such as the Paper WarShip Game that is excellent for multi-player use.

For the hunter or shooter that has everything and prefers to select his/her own gift, consider ordering the Jumping Targets’ gift card, which allows recipients to select their own personalized present.


*safe – Jumping Targets is not responsible for safe shooting practices.

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