The 10 Legendary Shooting Targets Guns

Jumping Targets’ explores the top 10 legendary movie weapons of all time. These weapons not only defined movies, but literally helped actors’ reputations soar overnight. If people purchase any of these weapons for themselves, it is best that they invest in metal shooting targets so they are familiar with how the gun works and fires, as well as recoils. Better yet, investing in pistol targets is an excellent idea for small guns, while large steel rifle targets are better able to withstand the force of the big guns.

  1. Cobra Assault Canon – Popular in the “Robocop” trilogy in the 1980s was the Cobra Assault Cannon that was used by both police and criminals. It is essentially a sniper rifle with the ability to shoot grenades.
  2. Railgun – Made popular by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1996 “Eraser” this gun was tough as nails and had the ability to see through walls. Nothing could hide from this monstrous weapon! Today it has become a fixture in most modern video games.
  3. Noisy Cricket – This cult hit appeared in 1997s “Men in Black.” This gun featured wild and crazy gadgets in every size and shape imaginable. This tiny gun packs a bold punch of power that is sure to land actors on their backs.
  4. M203 Prosthetic Gun – Popularized by “Planet Terror” this prosthetic zombie killer machine looked hot on Rose McGowan. Now, Zombie movies’ writing reflects some “Grindhouse” terror.
  5. The Guitar-Case Gun – “Desperado, why don’t you come to your senses? ...” This Mexico trilogy is packed with gunfights and features a guitar case packed with powerful machine guns and even a rocket launcher.
  6. Predator Shoulder Cannon – Gripping tear into the hearts of youngsters nationwide, “Predator” toted a mini-gun named “Ol’ Painless.”
  7. The Broomstick – Appearing in the “Army of Darkness,” this shotgun earned everyone’s approval in the end.
  8. The Phaser – The old 1979 version of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” featured the great universal gun. It could stun, kill or phase. Talk about a multi-purpose weapon.
  9. My Little Friend (M16 with M203 Grenade Launcher) – Emblazoned in “Starface, the only gun that can outgun Tony Montana’s Little Friend is when the audience gasps and thinks, “Hello.”
  10. .44 Magnum Smith & Wesson Model 29 – One of the most famous Hollywood movies of all time is “Dirty Harry.” In 1971, Clint Eastwood pulled out the monster famous revolver that remains one of the most popular movie scenes of all time. Famous quotes from this movie include, “Make my day” and “Do I feel lucky?” More than 40 years later, this gun still defines the ultimate powerful weapon.

Not only do these legendary movies span the ages – and generations – they still awe new movie watchers and impress them with their futuristic weapons that can unless or tame terror from destroying earth.



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