Why Own a Gun and Practice with Moving Targets?

There are many reasons why people own guns. Some common reasons include the coolness factor of owning the latest gun models, carrying on family history, hunting, target shooting, purely for social reasons and for self-defense.

People can own weapons, but it is equally important they know how to shoot, handle and use their weapons. Jumping Targets offers a wide array of steel shooting targets, which are perfect for practicing under a variety of conditions. These AR500 steel moving targets feature a contemporary design that promotes gun safety and improves gun-shooting accuracy.

Jumping Targets’ explains more about why people own guns and why America is a gun-owning culture.

  • Coolness Factor – Some people simply collect guns because they think they are cool or contribute to America’s revolution of freedom.
  • Family – Gun ownership runs in many families and often their great-grandparents were responsible for returning home with small game for dinner. Giving .22 rifles became a mainstream gift for most 10-year-old boys and many of these well-worn weapons are passed on generation to generation. When parents spend the time to teach children about guns, including gun-handling techniques and firearm safety, there is a higher chance they will pass the gun ownership legacy down to future generations.
  • Hunting – Some people own guns simply for hunting. Hunting big game is common here in the U.S. Using firearms is far more effective than bows and arrows and makes for a more likely kill shot that leads to less pain and suffering for animals. Practicing with metal targets is an essential key factor to helping improve hunting skills in the field.
  • Target Shooting – Some gun owners simply prefer to challenges themselves by shooting targets. Competitive shooting is gaining popularity, providing gun owners with a sense of self-achievement.
  • Social Reasons – Some people own guns for purely social reasons. Social shooting becomes a hobby with friends and family and can replace sporting events such as golf.
  • Self Defense – A common reason many people own guns is for self-defense purposes. Humans have a distinct need to protect their families from harm, which is often why parents purchase small, effective guns for self-defense. With more police emergency call response times increasing throughout the nation, more Americans are feeling the need to have forms of self defense.
  • Investment – Guns are an investment and some have increased dramatically within a few short years. Investors can easily pursue gun collections based on rarity, quality and manufacturing numbers. Guns can easily increase in value if a famous person once owned them.
  • History – Some gun owners simply collect guns because they appreciate history, especially war and military history. The history of our nation is founded on the right to bear arms, which is a vital component to why our country is a free nation.




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