Expanding Steel Targets and Gun Collections

Many types of people own a variety of guns. Some prefer to collect guns, while others use them for target practice or hunting. Guns are an expensive financial investment, one not to be taken lightly. Some old firearms are worth several thousands dollars.

Many first time gun owners feel overwhelmed with where to start their gun collections. Jumping Targets helps to highlight the best places to purchase guns. It is very important that gun owners know how to use their guns properly, especially in emergencies. Instead of investing in expensive gun range ownerships, Jumping Targets offers steel targets that are perfect for everyday practice. These targets also features AR500 steel, which is among the most durable steel on today’s market and work well as pistol targets or steel shooting targets.


The Internet is a great way for gun collectors to research prices, look up gun models and specifications and even shop gun auctions, distributors, collectible weapons sites and even military surplus sales. Purchasing online guns is not recommended for first time gun purchasers. These are designed for advanced gun owners that are knowledgeable and understand the specific legalities in purchasing weapons online. When purchasing guns out of state, gun dealers are required to have a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer license and generally charge approximately $50 for transfer paperwork.

In Person

There are several advantages to purchasing a gun in-person. People can feel the weight of the gun, determining if it is comfortable. This is especially important if a gun is for concealed carry. Purchasing in-person also allows potential gun owners to thoroughly analyze the gun for signs of wear, tear, scratches, etc.

Gun Shows

Gun shows are a very popular place for collectors to purchase guns. While prices tend to be slightly higher than online or in-person gun shops, it is possible to negotiate with the seller for lower prices.


Pawnshops carry guns, but they do not always carry a wide selection of specific guns, which means shopping can be hit or miss. Prices are generally higher than those online, but it is possible to try to negotiate for a lower, more affordable price point.

Estate Sales

Rare – but never impossible – collectors can find collectible guns at estate sales. Generally, it is easier to browse all estate sales without having any expectations of finding the perfect gun to collect. 

Gun Stores

Most people usually go to gun stores for a broader selection of guns, but unfortunately, their prices are higher due to facility and employee overhead expenses.




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