Jumping Targets Features Elk Hunting Moving Target Tips

Elk season is in full swing and hunters around the U.S. are dusting off their hunting gear and spending spare time scouting favorite hunting locations. Experienced hunters also know it is necessary for them to spruce up their shooting skills, which is why many hunters invest in metal shooting targets. Easier than constantly traveling to gun ranges, these moving targets help hunters anticipate that wild animals are often unpredictable and rarely stand still. These same skills can be applied to any type of large game, albeit it deer, antelope or even moose.

Best Hunting Times

The best times to hunt are early in the morning at daybreak and late in the afternoon and evening, just before sunset. Large game spend these hours foraging for food, while they typically bed down and hide in trees or brush during daylight hours.


Many hunters use binoculars when scouting for big game. Big game has an excellent sense of smell and hearing, which means they can predict foreign smells from great distances. Due to their acute sense of smell, it is best that hunters use unscented detergent and thoroughly wash themselves with unscented soap.


Patience is a central component when hunting large game. It may take several scouting trips in different areas to locate large herds and year-to-year their grazing places change and alternate. Using a blind set up an area before sunrise. It is illegal to shoot big game half an hour before sunrise or half an hour before sunset.


The blind should provide an open view of the area. Another excellent option is investing in a tree stand, but it is also important for hunters to practice shooting in positions they are comfortable scouting it. Shooting from high angles is far different from flat ground. Hunters should always check for new deer tracks, feces or signs that deer are frequenting the area.


Today’s more advanced gun technology includes using digital cameras with motion sensors to discover deer trails. These camera systems also date and time stamp the photos so hunters know when to predict certain big games’ presence.


Some hunters rely on deer scent, antlers or other devices to lure deer into the open. Deer often do not show up right after setting up a small blind. In fact, it can take hunters several different visits to the blind, which is why hunting requires such intense patience.

Improving Skills

To help improve hunting skills, hunters should regularly practice with their weapons of choice, which will dramatically improve their shooting skills and accuracy. Jumping Targets recommends investing in AR500 steel targets as these are top-of-the-line designs that are ideal for hunters of all age and skill levels.


With numerous designs and models, Jumping Targets’ innovative metal target designs are the ideal holiday gift for men, women and older children.




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