Large Game: Shooting Moving Targets

Hunters that are avid large game hunters understand that the biggest challenge they face is accurately hitting targets. Game does not simply stand still, which is why it is best to practice using moving targets.

Hunting requires abundant patience. Compared to how much time it takes to stalk an animal, hunters have relatively minimal actual shooting time. This is why it is important they hone their skills off the field and practice using steel shooting targets that are designed to improve skills, which helps result in fewer disappointing missed shots.

There are several factors that hunters must consider when looking at a kill shot. This includes:

  • The distance between the hunter and the target, this includes the hunter’s ability to accurately shoot at a distance.
  • The strength and direction of the wind, as this can easily throw off a kill shot.
  • Any vegetation or obstacles that can cause barriers between the target and the hunter.
  • The specific movement of the target, including the target’s projected speed.


Avid hunters will recreate real-life hunting scenes, placing targets in areas with difficult terrain that feature heavy brush. The reality is that this can help improve shooting in challenging terrains, but it does not address moving targets.

It is far easier to master shooting stationary targets than it is to anticipate the sudden movement of metal spinning targets, which more accurately reflect real-life scenarios. Most gun ranges fail to provide moving targets. Jumping Targets specializes in offering a wide variety of AR500 steel moving and jumping targets, which help to improve hunters’ shooting skills and accuracy.

There are several ways to take the experience of using metal spinning targets into real-world hunting scenarios.

  • Leading – Leading the target means that the shooter aims slightly ahead of the target, assuming that the target will continue to propel forward at the same speed. This method is easy when the target is barely moving and walking slowly, but when the target is running, this method is much more difficult to use.
  • Trapping – Trapping a moving target means that the skilled hunter must fire the shot in advance, trying to predict the movement of the target. This method is significantly more difficult than the aforementioned leading, but is the only possible way to hit a fast moving target.


Some of the most important tips for hunters include taking the easiest way to shoot game. If it is not going to be a kill shot, pass on the shot, as it is inhumane to simply wound animals and is not good sportsmanship. Obviously, the easiest way to ensure a fatal kill shot is to pursue targets and only shoot when they are standing stationary.



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