Jumping Targets: Moving Targets Prove Best Defense for Concealed Carry

In home defense scenarios, when a gunfight is occurring, it is common for people to run for cover. A great example are Hollywood movies, which quite often accurately portray people laying under cover, reloading their weapon and attempting to hit moving targets. The importance of using moving targets is that it helps build shooter’s skills and repertoire. Rarely do targets, even in the wild, stay still. Being able to predict speed and direction can save lives in home defense scenarios.

There are several general principles that apply when learning to hit moving targets with handguns.

  1. It is important to put past shooting experiences behind you and focus on taking shooting seriously. Shooting moving metal targets is far different from shooting clay geese or ducks with a shotgun. The reason people need to focus on different shooting skills is that birds’ flight paths can vary from 20 to 30 yards and some species can fly up to 40 miles per hour.
  2. Compared to avian species, humans are not able to move at the same speeds. This means in self-defense situation, people generally miss their pistol targets not based on lead, but because they stop the swing when the gun fires. This ultimately causes the bullet to pass just behind an intruder, making homeowners miss their intended target. Simply states, there are several ways the brain processes the need to react in home defense scenarios.
    1. First, the brain has to decide whether or not to shoot the gun.
    2. The command to shoot the gun then travels down to the spinal cord directly from the brain, causing the radial nerve and finger to react.
    3. At this point, the finger’s trigger muscles must contract.
    4. The trigger moves through an arch, which may up to one-half-inch or more.
    5. The sear then has to release the striker, overcoming inertia and moving the striker forward.
    6. The primer in the gun has to detonate, which lights the powder charge and burns to help generate and build up gas pressure. The bullet then expels from the cartridge and down the gun’s barrel until it exits. The bullet accelerates down the gun’s barrel, exiting and then propels itself towards the target. This entire process happens within a millisecond.
  3. If there is a delay in this process, it will cause the bullet to hit behind the intruder, bypassing the target. In fact, many police use metal shooting targets to help improve their abilities to react to moving target situations.
  4. Fortunately, Jumping Targets offers high quality AR500 steel shooting targets to help people improve their home defense shooting skills. Additionally, this helps provide shooters with immediate feedback concerning shot accuracy.


Learning how to protect homes and practice home defense is an important part of safety in today’s volatile world and declining economic situation.

Jumping Targets is not responsible for any legal advice related to home invasion scenarios. Gun owners should contact their local authorities for additional information.




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