Sustainable Hunting and Moving Targets

Sustainable hunting is very beneficial, offering environment, economic and social benefits. While hunters help maintain wildlife populations, it is important that hunters understand the delicate balance of the earth’s ecosystem. As protectors and supporters of wilderness protection, hunters should always practice sustainable hunting, helping to minimize their environmental impact on today’s wildlife resources.

  • Hunting Regulations – Hunting regulations are written for a reason – to help preserve and protect the environment. Each year, states’ observe the number of species, issuing certain numbers of permits for hunting each year. This helps keep the ecosystem in balance, avoiding over hunting techniques that can cause extreme environmental harm. State agencies also set restrictions to help prevent extinction and overhunting of species. It is very important that hunters strictly follow all hunting rules, which defines responsible hunting practices. It is illegal to violate hunting laws and the government imposes heavy penalties and even jail time to those that violate these restrictions.
  • Whole Animal – When hunting, it is important to use the entire animal. Nothing should go to waste. Consider finding a local butcher that harvests the entire animal. If large game offers too much meat, consider giving it to other people.
  • Leave No Trace – Hunters should practice the “leave no trace” ethics that helps to minimize human impact on the environment. This includes being respectful of property, using manufactured blinds, never shooting near developed areas, packing out all trash, using established roads and trails, reusing campsites, etc.


Jumping Targets specializes in offering a wide variety of moving targets. These targets help shooters and hunters improve their aim and accuracy. When shooting live animals, it is important that hunters use their best judgments for kill shots. It is not good sportsmanship to maim or wound animals, leaving them to suffer in the wild. Part of being a good hunter is to practice proper hunting regulations and only take sure-kill shots.


Jumping Targets’ metal targets designs are perfect for hunters looking to brush up on their shooting skills before deer and large game hunting seasons. Not only do they feature the highest quality AR500 steel moving targets, but they also offer a wide variety of targets. They offer a steel shooting gong stand and gong, which is perfect for learning to shoot big game at long distances. The gongs also feature a tree hugger attachment, which makes it easy for hunters to shoot in the woods or practice shooting from tree stands.


They also offer a dueling tree, which is excellent for seeing immediate shooting results, as it swings directly across and repositions itself for the next hit. These types of moving targets are ideal for rapid fire or precise firing practice. They also offer gopher and rabbit targets, which are great for practicing and preparing to shoot small game, such as grouse, squirrel, pheasant, turkey, etc.





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