Using Metal Spinning Targets to Improve Hunting Skills

With hunting season in full swing, it is important that hunters begin focusing to improve their hunting skills. To help aid hunters, Jumping Targets has put together a brief list that will help increase and elevate hunting skills.

  • Focus – It is important to focus while practicing, as good shooting skills are also a mental component. Dry firing is helpful for practice, as it does not require pulling a trigger, but allows shooters and hunters to focus on the minutest details, such as consistency, patience and concentration. When live firing rounds, focus on the intended target. If the bullet strikes the target, then repeat this successful method. If not, then slow down, breathe and focus more accurately on the target, if sights require adjustment, etc. If shooters are experiencing an “off” day, consider revisiting practice tomorrow.
  • Positions – To help brush up on deer hunting skills, it is important that hunters use a rimfire rifle and accompanying metal spinning targets. Experts recommend practicing using .22LR ammunition at distances of 50 yards. It is easy to practice with steel shooting targets, as this provides immediate results that hunters can visually see and hear. Hunters should practice shooting moving targets in several different positions, such as cross-legged, comfortably spread, crossed-ankle, heels grounded and knees in a tent-like position. These positions will help improve gravity, making it easier for hunters to take optimal kill shots when hunting this season.
  • Sling – If hunters often find themselves in situations where they are sitting or kneeling, it is best to use an adjustable loop sling. These make it easy to swivel from the side, pulling efficiently into the shoulder and allows for more steady shots, especially in rugged, uneven terrains.
  • Zero Right – More big game are shot high than low, causing hunters to completely miss their intended targets. At long distances of greater than 100 yards, bullets generally strike two to three inches high. To help prevent this from happening, hunters need to set their zero so it’s not too far downrange.
  • Limits – Knowing limitations is one of the best rule for hunters. If hunters do not think they can achieve a proper kill shot, they should not shoot. The larger the target, the more room for minor errors. Some types of game have nominal room for any shooting errors or inaccuracies. It is best to avoid a shot than leave an animal wounded in the wild.
  • Low-Mag – Even though powerful scopes help improve vision clarity; it is best not to use more than a 6x scope when hunting. High magnification scopes reduce view and light transmissions, which actually emphasizes twitches, bumps and even pulsations.
  • Fire When Ready – Hunters should never ever fire until they are ready. If they feel they do not have clear vision to make a kill shot, it is best to avoid firing. Leaving an animal wounded is not good sportsmanship.

Jumping Targets offers the latest AR 500 metal spinning targets, which are ideal for hunters. Whether hunters are shooting big or small game, these metal spinning targets offer immediate feedback and are designed to last several years, even with rimfire ammunition.



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