An Introduction to Gun Targets, Shooting and Hunting

For people that are interested in learning shooting and hunting, but are unsure where to begin exploring a starting point, this article provides helpful advice and details.

Shooting sports are fun, most people learn to shoot growing up and hunting sports passing down generation to generation. However, this does not mean that people that are new to these sports cannot begin learning at any age.

The Internet is full of information and websites that offer details about gun instruction, including local classes, gun ranges, appropriate targets, types of guns, different ammunition and much more.

As a starting point, Jumping Targets, a gun targets manufacturer offers novice shooters the following advice.

  1. Choose what is most interesting, albeit it hunting, personal protection or target shooting.
  2. Determine the appropriate type of gun that best meets personal needs.
    1. Handgun – Often used for personal protection, a handgun is also for hunting small game and target shooting.
    2. Rifle – These are common for steel targets shooting and hunting.
    3. Shotgun – These are for personal home protection, but are most common for clay target shooting and hunting practice.
    4. Rimfire .22 – These are used for target shooting and hunting small game.
  3. Call local dealers to recommend public ranges, gun clubs or instructional shooting classes. Before purchasing shooting targets, it is important that gun owners learn the necessities involved in gun safety, shooting and harnessing weapons. A gun dealer can also recommend certain types of guns based on personal needs and requirements.
  4. It is important to purchase a gun that gun owners are comfortable handling, shooting, unloading and carrying. Dealers can also provide detailed instructions about cleaning and storing guns, including what types of ammunition are necessary.
  5. When buying a new gun, an orientation period is necessary. People should practice with guns unloaded, observing all necessary and required safety rules.
  6. If new to gun ownership, people should consider joining classes or hiring one-on-one instructors for personal lessons. It is important that new shooters work with experienced shooters that are familiar with instructing new, first time gun owners.
  7. Regular practice is an important part of becoming a good shooter and hunter. Once comfortable shooting, people may consider purchasing gun targets from reputable retailers, such as Jumping Targets. They offer a wide variety of gun targets, including those designed for rimfire, handguns and high power guns. With such a broad selection, gun owners can easily choose from several types of targets, working their way through beginning AR500 steel gun targets and upwards towards more advanced targets. These jumping targets also offer immediate feedback, which is helpful for novice and advanced shooters alike.




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