Why use metal spinning targets?

Not all metal shooting targets are equal. In fact, Jumping Targets only uses the highest grade of AR500 steel. These metal spinning targets reflect designs that last and undergo thorough testing for extended longevity and advanced shooter safety.


Jumping Targets’ steel targets greatly vary, as they offer a wide assortment of targets that work specifically with certain calibers and at various shooting distances. Safety is essential when shooting. Jumping Targets has created reusable targets that produce immediate results, allowing shooters to instantly analyze their aim, accuracy and guns’ sightings. These reusable designs do not fragment or break, which makes them much safer than shooting glass bottles or targets that may shatter into dangerous fragments.


The AR500 steel targets offered by Jumping Targets gives consumers the look they desire for metal shooting targets, without the extensive glass and metal cleanup, which is commonly associated with lower-grade targets.


Even though Jumping Targets offers advanced, highly rated gun targets, it is still important for shooters to comply with all the specifications and recommendations set forth by Jumping Targets. This includes only using safe ammunition, as recommended for certain targets and ensuring safe shooting distances, based on gun types, are always followed.


Inferior metal spinning targets do not offer the extended longevity and commonly require replacement. Paper and cardboard targets also require frequent replacement, often being good for only one practice session. Additionally, they do not offer the benefit of providing instant feedback, which makes it challenging for shooters to improve their aim and accuracy within short periods.


Jumping Targets offers three specific sub-categories of targets: rimfire, handgun and high power. Depending upon the type of gun rating, targets are constructed from ¼”, 3/8” and ½” steel. This type of steel is so solid; it stands up to bullets that travel at velocities of 3,000 fps.


When using Jumping Targets, it is best to avoid any damaging types of ammunition, which includes BB’s, armor piercing rounds or steel core ammunition. If using a weapon that has a velocity above 3,000 fps, it is vital that the target is at a safe distance, allowing the bullet to decrease speed before making impact. This distance varies based on barrel length, ammunition type and several other factors.


Additionally, Jumping Targets offers innovative online videos that highlight their targets in action, making it easy for consumers to see the immediate benefits of purchasing a high-quality metal spinning target. They also offer a wide variety of styles, ranging from steel targets, gongs, dueling trees, small sniper bots, hostage silhouette targets, rocking targets and tree stands.

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