Prepare for Hunting Season: Use Shooting Targets

Hunting season is just around the corner. In fact, in some states, hunting season opens this month. Hunters should begin practicing using shooting targets for upcoming seasons, making sure they are in tip-top hunting shape when they see the perfect bull elk or buck deer.


Every hunter will admit there is nothing more frustrating than missing the perfect shot or firing a bad shot. Good shooters are not simply born; they become good because they regularly practice pre-season, during hunting season and post-season.


While every state varies, in general dove season is open September and October and for a small portion of November. With duck, quail, pheasant, goose and grouse seasons rapidly approaching, it is important for hunters to practice using steel shooting targets. To help brush up on avian shooting skills, hunters should consider visiting local traps, five-stand, skeet, sporting clay ranges or practice with high-quality AR500 steel shooting targets.


For hunters that do not practice regularly, it is easy to become rusty using guns. Shooting targets, helps improve the body’s function and memory, getting it ready and back in shape in time for hunting season.


With deer season rapidly approaching, it is important for hunters to practice shooting from tree stands. Jumping Targets offers a Tree Hugger Gong Stand that easily mounts to trees. Made using the best AR500 steel, this popular gong can easily be shot from tree stands, giving hunters precise practice shooting from high angles. Practicing from an elevated position can greatly improve a hunter’s chance of bringing home a granddaddy elk, deer, moose or antelope.


Hunting requires great skill and concentration, as well as a steady, smooth aim that results in more accurate shooting. When hunters regularly practice using shooting targets, they can more effectively determine difficult shots and limitations, helping ensure that animals are put down with a humane one-kill shot.


Just as important as shooting is pre-season scouting, which helps hunters improve their chances of coming home with meat in hand and enjoying a successful hunting trip. Pre-season scouting allows hunters become familiar with areas where big game are open for hunting and helps increase the chances that hunters will obtain their quotas. 




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