Why Hunters Practice with Moving Targets

Sharpshooters often practice with stationary targets, while hunters prefer the challenge of moving targets. It is easy for hunters to inaccurately measure the movement of small and big game, which leads to a frustrating, futile hunt.

Jumping Targets has developed moving targets, which are ideal for hunters. These innovative AR500 steel moving targets offer challenging shooting activities, allowing hunters to improve their accuracy when shooting at moving targets.

When hunting, it is vital that shooters use a one-shot kill. This is crucial, as this humane method allows animals to go down with just one shot, not feeling pain. Some big-game targets will require two shots, as it is unsafe to approach large bears or moose without hunters being positive their targets are down.

The majority of hunters spend most of their time hunting for animals, with relatively little time shooting game. This is why it is so important for hunters to regularly practice their shooting skills, allowing them to be expert shots when hunting.

There are several factors for hunters to consider when shooting at moving targets.

- The range of the target should be taken into primary consideration, as hunters should be able to accurately take a shot at the required distance.
- Wind strength and direction can also affect shooting accuracies.
- Obstacles that lie between the target and the hunters, such as vegetation or heavy brush, can make it easy to misjudge shots.
- The precise movement and speed of the animal can make some shots more difficult than others can.

Hunters should regularly practice with moving targets, which can make the difference between them coming home bragging about one-kill shots and returning empty-handed. Jumping Targets offers several popular moving steel targets.

- 2.5-Inch to 4.75-Inch AR 500 Steel Targets – These targets are designed to move and jump when accurately hit. Jumping Targets also offers a target set, which includes all three jumping targets for more accurate practice with both pistol targets and metal rifle targets.
- Rockin’ Gopher and Rabbit – These petite rockin’ targets are perfect for plunking and practicing for small game. Once the target is hit, the shooter can wait for it to roll back into alignment or take the challenge of trying to hit moving targets.
- AR-500 Small Sniper Bot – This moving target is challenging and features a patent-pending Torsion Glide Technology that allows the target to mechanically reset itself. Heavy duty, this moving target rotates 90 degrees when hit, constantly revealing new and challenging moving targets.




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