What is AR500 steel?

Jumping Targets specializes in offering AR500 steel, which is superior to any other steel on the market. This steel resists pits, deformations and craters, which is necessary when using AR500 steel targets.

Some gun target manufacturers use clamps, brackets or bolts to keep targets together. Not Jumping Targets as they put safety first and focus on creating a secure product that is flat and features a uniform surface. With their innovative AR500 steel design, these targets feature 90-degree angels, which allows for precise ricochets at 20-degree angles. This means these high-quality AR500 steel products are far superior to competitors’ designs.

In fact, AR500 steel is used for body armor, as it is harder than traditional steel. In fact, AR500 steel for armor has a Brinell Hardness Scale that measures from 504 to 519.  This superior grade steel produces effective, reliable results with less fragmentation mitigation. AR500 steel is safe for long-term storage and is relatively impermeable to harsh elements, liquids and even most chemicals.

AR500 targets are designed to handle rim fire, handgun and high power ammunitions. These targets are not intended for use with BB bullets, armor piercing or steel core ammunition. These types of ammunition can damage AR500 targets. Additionally, AR500 steel will withstand bullets that travel less than 3,000 feet-per-second (FPS), but should never be used with muzzle velocities that exceed this amount. Always place AR500 steel targets at a distance that ensures the bullet will slow down before impact with the target. There are several points to consider when placing targets at appropriate distances, including ammunition type, barrel length and other gun-related factors. As Jumping Targets says, “Speed kills steel targets.” Always follow recommended safety advice for maximum protection.

To elaborate on the specific types of ammunition that work with AR500 steel targets, Jumping Targets has put together a simple list.

- Rim Fire - .22 caliber
- Hand Gun - .38, .40, .45, 9 mm and .357 ammunition.
- High Power - .223, 7.62x39, .308, 7.6x5.4, .306 and .338 ammunition.


All of Jumping Targets’ designs include AR500 steel, which means they are designed to withstand the test of time on the gun range. Safe and easy to use, these targets are perfect for family shooting sessions, one-on-one children’s lessons and for helping shooters brush up on or maintain their shooting skills. Additionally, these targets are often used by hunters to hone in their hunting skills prior to departing for big game hunting trips, such as elk, bear, deer, antelope, moose and other large game mammals.




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