Top Five Tips: Improve Your Shooting Now

Gun associations across America offer several helpful tips to boost shooters’ aims and accuracies. Jumping Targets recommends following the top five tips when shooting metal spinning targets or high-quality AR500 steel targets.

  1. Slow, But Steady – The saying, “slow but steady wins the race,” is a tried and true example of how important it is to take deep breaths before shooting. Slow breaths allow shooters to effectively focus on the sights’ pictures and regain control. Speed will always sacrifice accuracy in any type of situation, albeit it sport shooting or hunting. Masterful accuracy allows expert shots to repeatedly hit targets within the same hole at varying distances. When practicing patience with shooting, start at five yards for handguns and 25 yards for rifles. Focus on controlling breath and the trigger, as well as the sight picture. When someone does not fire the weapon, this is a dry fire. This practice is also highly recommended for curing shooters’ that suffer from flinching, which can be harmful to their shooting accuracies.
  2. Dry-Fire – Dry-fire practice is economical, as it helps save money on ammunition expenses. It is just as important as live-round practice because it helps shooters learn positioning, trigger control and how to accurately use sights. Dry firing is anywhere, but is generally within the home. While some people consider this boring, it is a necessary part of becoming a fluid, accurate shot. If living in an urban area, it may be best to dry-fire with closed blinds so neighbors do not assume a harmful situation is occurring and call local authorities.
  3. Bench – To improve shooting accuracy, means that it is necessary to learn how to shoot without having to rely on benches and tripods. While these are excellent for sighting weapons, they can become a crutch and hindrance to hunters. To be best prepared for real-life shooting scenarios, whether it’s self defense or hunting, practice from a wide variety of positions, including sitting, squatting, kneeling, off hand and quick draw.
  4. Routines – Instead of getting in the same boring routine time after time, consider investing in entertaining metal shooting targets. Jumping Targets offers moving targets that help shooters improve their aim and accuracy outside of their typical comfort zone. Vary exercises so they do not become boring and it is important for shooters to continually challenge themselves and explore new and exciting steel targets, positions or different shooting venues.
  5. Winding Down – Shooting should be a fun hobby, not something people feel forced to do if they’re feeling under the weather, having a rough day at work or are in need of a vacation. When people’s minds are not on shooting, their accuracy will reflect this. It is important to shoot only when the mind is focused and the body is ready. If people feel shaky and their aim is off, it may be best to cancel their shooting sessions and reschedule for another day. Sometimes shooting performance is just “off” from life’s stresses so rescheduling a session gives the body and mind time to re-energize.


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