U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Addresses Key Issues

The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance (USSA) has become involved in several key issues throughout the U.S. With more hunting rights being infringed upon, this active group supports the rights of hunters across our great nation.

Bear Hunting

Maine’s hunters are facing a key November issue that would effectively ban dogs from assisting in bear hunts, trapping and using any form of bait to lure bears into hunting areas. Anti-hunters are using the support group “Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting,” and more than 99-percent of contributions directly link to the Humane Society of the United States. Unbeknownst to many hunters, the Humane Society is the single largest anti-hunting group in the country.

Mountain Lions

Nebraska is attempting to ban the hunting of mountain lions, which would remove all Game and Parks Commission authority to regulate the state’s population. The Governor of the state vetoed this anti-hunting legislation and despite recent anti-hunting attempts, the USSA was in part responsible for reinstituting mountain lion hunting.


Rapidly taking over areas and injuring farmers’ cattle populations, the Western Great Lakes states are fighting for more wolf management. Over the last several years, the USSA has worked to remove wolves from the Endangered Species List, instead placing them under individual state management rules and regulations. The USSA has filed two lawsuits. One that disagrees with using dogs for established wolf hunts and a federal lawsuit brought by prominent animal rights organizations, seeking to overturn delisting wolves from the Endangered Species List protection.

Families Afield

This apprenticeship-hunting program makes it possible for new hunters to train with more experienced sportsmen mentors. These mentors have undergone several hours of hunter education courses and are superb resources for people that are interested in partaking in hunting season. Teaching tactical tips as well as vital gun safety, these mentors have helped make it possible for 1.2 million new hunters to learn the art of hunting wild game.

New Sacramento Office

The USSA recently opened an office in Sacramento, California, helping California hunters’ address hunting, trapping and fishing concerns that readily arise in this state and nearby western areas.


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