Self Defense: Choosing Life or Death

The statistics between life and death in self-defense situations are staggering. In fact, in New York City alone, police officers’ accuracy is only 34-percent. This means that there’s an overwhelming possibility that criminals may be better shots – with more deadly aim – than those officers in blue uniforms that are dedicated to protecting the general public.

When under stress and in an intense life or death situation, even the best shooters can fail. A variety of roles plays into this inherit lack of accuracy, including psychological, physiological and tactical stresses. In fact, in some flight or fight situations, shooters have a “spray and pray” policy, which isn’t focused on accuracy or aim. In fact, this method is extremely poor for self-defense unless a criminal is standing directly in front of the victim.

Adrenaline-fueled panic is responsible for a substantial decrease in accuracy, with people shaking, second thoughts bombarding through their minds and the ability to effectively analyze situations from a rational, mental perspective takes a second seat.

Instead of focusing on spraying bullets, it’s best that self defense situations concentrate on the first and single shot. Pretend it’s the only shot that’s available and the mind tends to relax and focus on the life and death situation. It’s unlikely that criminals will miss their targets the first time, so it’s important for victims to be just as confident that their first shot will hit their intended target with deadly force.

Recoil and the sound of a gun firing also further fuel panic and adrenaline, meaning that second and third shots are even more unlikely to be successful. With a deep concentration and focus, victims need to focus on the lone and sole single bullet in the chamber. Accuracy, aim and intense concentration are vital during these life-changing moments. One missed shot can throw someone’s guard off. and in self-defense scenarios the results are often deadly.

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Jumping Targets is not responsible for the information contained in this article. This article is merely the opinion of a contributing writer and does not reflect any legal advice, albeit it federal, state or local laws. Readers are advised to contact their local law enforcement departments for specific, more accurate information related to self-defense scenarios, including proper concealed carry permits.


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