“A-Hunting We Will Go”

Hunting season will soon be descending upon hunters nationwide. Hunters should begin preparing for this upcoming season, honing their skills and gathering necessary supplies. To help prepare for this upcoming season, Jumping Targets features several tips for all types of hunters.

There are several types of hunters, including bow, rifle and muzzleloader. Some hunters participate in all types of hunting, as many states allow for early hunting season based on the types of weapons.

  • Bow Hunters – It’s best to start practicing once or bi-weekly. As bow hunting season approaches, it’s best for bow hunters to start practicing as much as possible. Bow hunting takes great skill and accuracy and it’s important to make sure the bow is properly sighted and shoots at a wide variety or ranges. Also practice shooting bows in the wind, as this helps bow hunters feel more comfortable in a wide variety of weather and outdoor conditions. For bow hunters that have difficulty with ranges, consider investing in a range finder.
  • Tree Stand – Always practice shooting from a tree stand. Tree stands are very helpful when shooting and scouting large game, such as elk, moose or deer. Practice shooting from stands several times before hunting season opens. It takes some getting used to, as many tree stands require climbing, a safety harness and abundant winter camouflage clothing. Some tree stands are portable and others are permanent. These are a matter of preference and also depend on if land is leased or if hunters are using public, government land. If tree stands are up permanently year-round, conduct through checks to make sure that standards are sturdy and still in good condition. Check for signs of rust or weakness, especially vulnerability in seats or cables.
  • Hunting Blinds – Many avian hunters use ground blinds. It’s also important to know how to effectively put up or take down a blind in dark weather, as most shooting lights begin at daylight and end at dusk.
  • Shotgun and Rifles – Hunters that prefer these weapons should shoot once a month until hunting season begins. It’s important to practice with a .22 or an air rifle; this helps provides practice, improve trigger handling and aiming techniques. The sooner hunting season approaches, the more hunters should consider practicing with their weapon of choice in the field. This helps ensure that hunters are fluid with their weapons, simultaneously improving their aim and accuracy.
  • Hunting Equipment and Gear – Mark calendars and hunting dates ahead of schedule to catch equipment and gear sales at sporting good and hunting retailers. Hunters may consider investing in shooting targets, including AR500 steel targets that help improve hunters’ shooting abilities.

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