Preparing for Hunting Season: A How to Guide

With hunting season just around the corner, hunters nationwide are getting ready to prepare for opening day. It takes several months and weeks to regain skill and shooting accuracy and summertime offers the perfect opportunity to hone in on expert hunting skills.

Jumping Targets features several helpful tips for hunters, helping them be in tip-top condition for hunting season.

  • Regulations – Springtime is generally the season when state hunting regulations are published or appear online. Take time to read through regulations to mark calendars for upcoming hunting season dates, required licenses, fees, permitting and licensing requirements, bag limits and other annual changes.
  • Education – Summertime is the opportune time to take a hunter education course. Many states require this, which may be based on birth dates. Most states allow traditional and online classes, with a hands-on approach to testing and course components. These classes often rapidly fill up, so it’s best to sign up early and help refresh hunter education skills. See each state game department for specific education details.
  • Licenses – Always buy licenses, stamps and necessary tags well ahead of time. Many special permits may be limited and are often completed on a special drawing basis, so it’s best to apply early and complete all necessary documentation. Determining the type of required hunting permits is necessary, as there are different regulations and documents for big game, small game and waterfowl. This can be further subdivided into duck, pheasant or geese licenses, depending upon state requirements.
  • Maps – It’s important to be familiar with areas and know precisely where hunting areas are open and closed. Scout early for good areas that have abundant game or are migrating areas for elk or deer. It’s important to look for topographical maps that highlight elevations, forested areas, cliffs, wetland areas, etc.
  • Landowners – Many landowners offer private land leases, allowing hunters to follow state laws on privately owned leased land. These leases are just for hunting and are for designated periods of times and generally require written hunting permission.
  • Get in Shape – Get in good shape, as hunting requires a lot of walking, patience and endurance. Practice walking and if using dogs for retrieving birds, get dogs in tip-top shape.
  • Shooting Ranges – Get plenty of time in on the shooting range before hunting, as this helps improve skills and hone accuracy. Consider purchasing metal shooting targets made from high quality AR500 steel to further advance shooting skills.

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