Most Popular Types of Shooting Targets

Gun owners should be well-rehearsed and comfortable using weapons. Whether they are gun enthusiasts or prefer using weapons for recreation, sports, hunting or self defense situations, there are several shooting targets that can help hone and refine shooting accuracy and skills.

  • Paper and Cardboard – These traditional, inexpensive targets can be purchased or made from old cardboard boxes. While they are very common and readily available, these targets do take some precautions, such as secure mounting to an impenetrable board. Targets vary in size, shape and color. These types of targets must be used in safe locations, not near residences and out of sight’s firing lines. Popular Jumping Targets paper targets include the Paper Warship Game.
  • Reactive Targets – Rapidly gaining in popularity, these targets instantly react when hit, saving valuable time and money. Shooters don’t have to view each shot on a paper target, because reactive targets elicit an immediate reaction, jumping when the target is hit. These types of targets are proven to help improve shooting skills and accuracy within a short period of time, as they deliver instant feedback. These engaging targets are fun to use and spin or fall depending upon model designs. Jumping Targets offers a wide selection of reactive, “jumping” style targets that are perfect for use with a wide range of weapon calibers. Jumping Targets specializes in selling a wide variety of reactive targets, which includes:
    • 2.5-Inch AR500 Steel Target
    • 3.5-Inch AR500 Steel Target
    • 4.5-Inch AR500 Steel Target
    • Steel Shooting Gong
    • AR500 Dueling Tree
    • AR500 Small Sniper Bot
    • IPSC Hostage Silhouette Target
    • Rockin’ Gopher AR500
    • Rockin’ Rabbit AR500
    • Tree Hugger 
  • Metal Targets – The best metal targets are made of high quality, uncompromising AR500 steel. These targets are durable and offer shooters instantaneous feedback through auditory sounds. These types of targets are fun and help mimic more realistic shooting scenarios. Some bullets easily damage targets, so it’s important to ensure that bullets are safe for targets, helping reduce damage and deadly ricochets. Handguns generally cause less damage to metal targets than handguns; appropriate distances and targets should be used based on individual circumstances. Jumping Targets takes significant pride in their workmanship and only uses the highest quality of AR500 steel, which helps prevent target deformations and damage.

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