Jumping Targets Rates Top Handgun Training Targets

Before embarking on a shooting excursion, Jumping Targets recommends that shooters consider purchasing the best AR500 steel targets for their specific shooting needs, albeit it sport, home defense or hunting.

  • IPSC Hostage Silhouette Target – This target is designed based on standard, required International Practical Shooting Confederation designs. This 3/8” steel hostage target features interchangeable paddles, which perfectly mimic no shoot scenarios. The AR500 deflector shield helps protect against stray rounds so the stand is not damaged
  • Warship Game – Hone skills using traditional paper targets that have a unique, innovative twist. This 18-inch by 24-inch poster is perfect for friendly, competitive shooting events. They are easy to carry and even easier to dispose.
  • Small Sniper Bot – This AR500 steel target features patent pending Torsion Glide Technology, which allows this unique target to automatically reset. This industrial strength target features durable springs and hinges, which helps boost longevity and provides for precise shooting practices. After each successful shot, the Sniper Bot efficiency rotates 90 degrees, revealing a new target in its wake.
  • Gong – Jumping Targets carries a 36-inch steel shooting gong stand and a 12-inch circular gong target and a 12-inch square model. This durable gong stand is extremely lightweight and portable, breaking down into several pieces. The square gong target is preferred among long-range shooters.
  • Apocalypse – There is no better way to prepare for a post apocalypse than learning how to shoot small game, which is necessary for survival. Rockin’ Gopher and Rockin’ Rabbit are steel targets that are perfect for increasing accuracy when shooting small varmit and game. These rocking models make these targets challenging and fun, especially for older children and adults. The tree hugger stand is perfect for big game hunters. Securely attaching to a tree, this more permanent-style stand has secure metal teeth that prevents movement and spinning. Additionally, the standard 2.5-inch, 3.5-inch and 4.5-inch AR500 steel targets are perfect for practicing for hunting pheasant, quail or other ground dwelling birds.
  • Home Defense Dueling Tree – The AR500 Dueling Tree is perfect for self-defense training. It allows shooters to focus on accurate hit after hit instead of resetting targets. This target works well with 2.5-, 3.5- and 4.5-inch paddle mounts.

Jumping Targets is an innovative leader in producing high quality, safe shooting targets. Made using only the highest quality AR500 steel, these products are never subpar and are designed to withstand abuse.

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