Steel Targets: Is Distance a Safety Issue?

For gun shooting enthusiasts, steel targets offer excellent practice, providing shooters with instant feedback. With automatic visual and auditory feedbacks, steel shooting targets are a great way to become familiar with weapons and improve shooting techniques.

However, many shooters ask how close they can be to steel targets and safely shoot. According to the United States Practical Shooting Association, competitors are not permitted to shoot steel at distances of less than 22.96 feet. This is an official distance and is an ideal recommendation for people who shoot steel targets regularly.

Brand new steel targets are relatively safe to shoot within close range. New steel isn’t marked or marred, which makes it easy for first-time target practice. It’s important to invest in high quality AR500 steel targets, as this prevents unsightly and dangerous craters, cracks, ridges, bumps and other damaging surface irregularities. In fact, for shooters using limited rounds, such as .45 ACP or 9mm, high quality targets could remain in pristine condition for years.

Target design also contributes to safety. Ineffective designs can cause damaging ricochets and small fragments. Low shots are sure to fragment, which makes it exceptionally important to invest in a high quality target.

Jumping Targets specializes in manufacturing superior AR500 steel targets. These shooting targets have been specially designed to protect against damaging bullet spray and splatter. Their upscale design guarantees ultimate safety, deflecting and ricocheting bullets at precise 20-degree angles. These high quality targets are designed to last for years, which makes them an excellent long-term shooting investment.

Personal shooting conditions vary and it’s important that experienced shooters make safe distance determinations based on the type of target steels, the types and size of bullets being used, the specific distances from the shooting lines to the targets, and address the potential liability for gun range owners.

A superb alternate bullet choice is frangible bullets, which can be effectively shot at steel targets at less than five yards. These bullets literally turn to dust upon impact, which makes this an excellent option for densely populated areas.

Jumping Targets’ unique target designs are rated for AR500 steel use, which means they can effectively handle .22 rim fire, .38, .40, .45, 9mm and 3.57 hand guns and .223, 7.62x39, .308, 7.62x54, .306 and .338 high power rifles. Of course, ammunition, barrel length and other environmental factors all come into play when shooting outdoor AR500 targets. The bottom line is that safety is the most important consideration when firing or shooting weapons.



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