Using Safe Reactive Steel Targets

Unlike many sub-par reactive steel targets that cause dangerous bullet splatter and fragments, Jumping Targets focuses on producing high quality AR500 steel targets that withstand a wide range of shooting abuse. There are several things to consider when purchasing a shooting target:

  • Deflection – Angle deflection is critical as the improper deflection can actually cause deadly ricochets. Jumping Targets creates targets that feature 20-degree deflection angles. This means that the areas located to the right and left of the target are a splatter zone, as this where nearly 95-percent of bullet casings turn up. The area outside the splatter zone is a safety area, one where the shooter can safely discharge weapons without fear of accidental ricochets.
  • Hardness – The hardness of the target is essential, as some companies focus on selling sub-part materials that are dangerous and do not withstand the constant impact of bullets. However, Jumping Targets believes in only using the best AR500 steel. This highly rated steel avoids dangerous long-term pits, deformations and even craters. These types of moving targets are meant to last a lifetime.
  • Bullet Design – Higher quality ammunition also helps reduce splatter. The worst type of bullet for target training is a lead bullet that features a low velocity rating. For the ultimate in safe shooting training, experts recommend using high-powered bullets. The correlation factor component refers to how well the bullet survives and holds together when shooting at an object. The results are based on controlled expansion and penetration.
  • Placement – Targets must be placed at a safe and accurate distance to be effective. Metal targets should never be placed next to one another without a safe barrier separating them. If not, the results could lead to over splatter, which could ricochet off other targets. Consider placing plywood between metal targets, as this helps absorb bullet splatter and prevents dangerous ricochets. The best areas for targets are on sand or fine gravel. Concrete is inadvisable unless it is covered with pea gravel or wood.
  • Eye Protection – The potential for bullet splatter is never eliminated. It’s important to wear proper, safe eye protection when practicing. Experts also recommend wearing hats and long sleeves. All observers should stand a safe distance behind the shooter.

Jumping Targets uses high quality AR500 steel, which is designed to withstand a lifetime of rounds. These targets have a high Brinell rating and with each target expertly calculated at 90-degree angles, ricochet angles are 20 degrees. This helps create a safe, easy to use target that is rated for a wide variety of calibers, including rim fire, handgun and high power ammunitions.

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