Weighing In: The Advantages of Steel Shooting Targets

Practice makes perfect, which is why law enforcement, military and hunters rely on using high quality steel shooting targets to improve their shooting aim and accuracy. Metal targets offer several advantages over traditional wood, paper, plastic and cardboard targets.

  • Feedback – Metal spinning targets offer the benefit of instant feedback. If the target moves, the bullet made contact with the steel. Stationary targets make it difficult for shooters to adjust aim and posture after each shot, typically not providing shooters with feedback until the target is retrieved. High quality steel targets make sounds when hitting metal, which provides shooters with confirmation that the weapon is accurately sited.
  • Economical – Metal targets are initially more expensive than paper targets, but they can be used for many years. In the long run, this greatly reduces replacement costs, which means they eventually pay for themselves. Jumping Targets offers AR500 steel, which can be used time and again without developing dents, divots or holes. AR500 targets are designed to ricochet bullets at precise 20-degree angles, helping to ensure shooting safety.
  • Efficient – Instead of constantly retrieving targets, moving targets allow shooters to shoot without unnecessary interruptions. These types of targets are perfect for individuals and group practices, as the additional hours spent training are reflected in improved accuracy rates.
  • Fun – Most importantly, shooting at metal spinning targets is fun and provides instant gratification. These easy to use targets simply require that someone shoots at it, it jumps in response to an accurate shot, the target pops back up and shooters can once again start this process all over.

Jumping Targets specializes in offering an assortment of shooting targets, which are designed to help improve shooting skills. Popular target models include:

  • Moving Targets – These are available in 2.5-, 3.5- and 4.75-inch models are work at distances of more than 25 to 50 yards. These work well with a variety of calibers, ranging from .22, .9mm, .45 and .223 to .30-06. Jumping Targets also features gopher and rabbit targets, which are perfect for perfecting accuracy with moving targets.
  • Gong – Gong targets are ideal for handguns, .22 guns and even high-powered rifles. Using 3/8-inch thick steel, these targets work well for all types of shooting practices.
  • Dueling Tree – Designed for intense shooting enthusiasts, the dueling tree features swing paddles so shooters can instantly assess accuracies. This target accommodates 2.5-, 3.5- and 4.75-inch paddles that are removable, making it easy to personalize this target for any weapon.

Regular practice helps improve shooters’ accuracies. These high quality steel targets are safe and effective, making them top choices for family shooting events.

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