The Benefits of Reloading Ammunition

There are several reasons shooters reload their own ammunition.

  1. Costs – Reloading ammunition saves money. The major cost of ammunition is typically brass casings, which are used to hold everything together. Depending upon the ammunition type, it can be less expensive to reload casings than purchasing new bullets. This is especially true for .44-caliber ammunition. Casings are generally filled with primers, powder and bullets. Reloading ammunition is a practical solution for ammunition shortages, especially those that are hitting the .380 and .22lr markets.
  2. Accuracy – Each specific firearm’s ammunition, based on the make and model, can be customized according to profile, construction, hardness and weight. All of these factors contribute to weapons’ accuracies. Different primers ignite at various rates, with some being cooler or hotter and others burning faster or longer. To boost accuracy, there are two major factors to consider when reloading ammunition.  
    1. Minimize component variations between cartridges, which includes powder and bullets.
    2. Tailor reloading options to the dimensions of the firearm.
  3. Fun – Most gun enthusiasts enjoy reloading ammunition. This process helps improve accuracy, teaches people more about their guns and how they work. Reloading ammunition isn’t time consuming, but people can develop this craft over time, learning new skills, tricks and methods. People who want to learn to reload their ammunition should have clean work areas, which makes this process much easier. Detailed notes are excellent references, allowing shooters to hone their reloading skills over time, discovering what improves or negatively affects accuracy. Shooters who reload their ammunition report greater satisfaction when using their weapons, feeling as though they’re more a part of the production process.
  4. Decisions – Reloading ammunition isn’t for everyone. Generally it requires patience, attention to detail, extra time and a more advanced mechanical aptitude. This is also a great skill to have, especially when ammunition shortages strike or prices skyrocket. While some supplies are more difficult to find during shortages, such as presses, dies, primers, powder and bullets, it’s advisable to stock up on these necessary supplies year-round.

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Made using the highest quality steel, these AR 500 targets don’t include clamps, brackets or bolts. These additions are generally weak points for targets, which is why Jumping Targets has created a design to eliminate these potential safety issues. Their targets are also designed to ricochet bullets at 20-degree angles, making them safe for shooters and bystanders alike.  

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