Benefits of Shooting Sports

Shooting sports are a long-term investment. Appealing to both men, women and children, shooting sports are a time-honored tradition and include many benefits.

  • Safe – Shooting sports generally result in fewer injuries than contact sports, such as football or basketball. In a study conducted by Harvard Medical Practice, National Safety Council and Injury Facts, the following was discovered.
    • People are 31 times more likely to receive an injury while riding in a car than from a gun.
    • It is 100 times more likely that swimming in a pool will result in an injury.
    • People are 1,900 times more likely to receive an accidental injury from a medical doctor than a gun.
  • Family – Families can easily all participate in this sport, whether it’s grandparents or grandchildren. Its popularity spans the ages!
  • Individual – This sport also has the added benefit of being an individual sport, allowing people to enjoy their free time and improve their marksmanship abilities.
  • Lifetime – Most people enjoy learning to shoot at young ages and continue this sport throughout their lifetimes.
  • Training – Shooting sports build physical and mental disciplines. Increasing hand-eye coordination and fine-tuning motor skills, this sport requires advanced concentration, creative thinking and problem solving abilities.
  • Crime Prevention – People that have their concealed weapons permits help contribute to a reduction in crime, giving guns a better reputation in society. This helps establish a Good Samaritan culture.
  • Educational Opportunities – Shooting sports are extremely popular, even having a place in the Olympic games. With a total of 17 events, the Olympics focus on pistol, rifle, shotgun and running targets. Scholarships have even been allocated for collegiate studies.
  • Affordable – Just because the latest handgun is on the market, doesn’t mean people have to race out and purchase it. Shooting is actually an affordable sport, especially for .22 caliber weapons.

Jumping Targets offers assorted moving targets, which are ideal for people that participate in shooting sports. Their online catalog includes high-quality AR 500 steel targets, which are designed to accommodate .22, .38, .40, .45, 9mm, .357, .223, .308, .306 and many more high power calibers. In fact, the metal shooting targets are so strong they can withstand nearly any bullet that travels less than 3,000 fps.*

These innovative targets are excellent for practice, as once someone shoots, the target jumps and resets into place. This allows shooters to focus on practicing instead of constantly resetting targets.

*Never use steel core, BB pellets or armor piercing rounds on steel targets.X

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