Tips for Spring Turkey Hunting: Choosing the Right Shotgun

Many states offer spring turkey hunts, with dates ranging from late March through early May. Whether it’s a youth or adult turkey hunt, it’s important to choose the right shotgun.

·      Fit – It’s important to have a shotgun that fits well. To ensure a proper fit, hunters should visit a firearms expert. To determine fit, an expert will have hunters pull the gun to their shoulders. The gun should easily swing into place without much effort. The weight of the gun should be comfortable. The shotgun should also be easy to hold steady within a short amount of time, allowing for quick shooting reactions. The shotgun should also be comfortable to carry for long distances, especially since turkey hunting involves lengthy outdoor excursions. All of the aforementioned variables play a significant role in determining if a shotgun is a proper fit for hunting.


·      Size – A larger shotgun isn’t always the best option. Today’s advanced gun technology features high-powered turkey shotguns and even 20-gauge models have gained popularity among turkey hunters. Instead of purchasing a weapon based on power, consider the weight, length and recoil. This helps provide hunters’ with the best fit, giving them the ultimately advantage on the turkey hunting field.


·      Patterns – Always practice with a shotgun. Experiment with different shot sizes, loads and choke constrictions. Today, most shotguns include different choke options and even aftermarket chokes are available. All of these options help hunters increase their performance.


·      Camouflage – Turkeys have remarkable eyesight, with a keen sense for details. Many gun manufacturers are producing camouflage shotgun models, giving turkey hunters the ultimate advantage in the field.


·      Limitations – Hunters should always know the limitations of their weapons. This experience is gained through regular practice. Hunters should experiment with different patterns, which will help mimic real-life situations. This helps hone hunters’ instincts and reaction skills, allowing them to determine when it’s safe to shoot. It’s also best for hunters to remember that when using a 20-gauge shotgun, they may need to be within a shorter distance of their targets, which is generally 25 yards. This is also true for young hunters that are still learning, as this helps improve their accuracies and ensures that animals are fatally wounded instead of injured.


Jumping Targets offers a wide selection of moving targets. These AR 500 targets are made from the highest quality steel, meaning they are designed to withstand rigorous practice. An excellent option for turkey hunters is the Tree Hugger. This stand easily attaches to a tree and can withstand stray rounds. Wild turkeys generally live on the ground, but they can fly, just not very fast. This is what makes this type of target an excellent option for turkey hunters of all ages.


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