Welcome Spring Hunters!

As March rolls around, hunters around the U.S. are actively awaiting spring hunting season. To celebrate this glorious occasion, Jumping Targets offers the low-down on where to go this upcoming month.

  • Coyote - Most states don't have a season for coyote and many farmers invite hunters to private lands to help rid them of this nuisance-causing canine. A threat to livestock, hunting coyotes are a great way for hunters to brush up on their hunting skills before the start of spring turkey hunting.
  • Crow - Ohio permits crow through March 8 with no daily limit Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Goose - Opening February 15 and ending May 4, South Dakota is hosting a light spring goose hunt. Legal species include blue, ross' and snow geese. With an unlimited daily limit, hunters are urged to check out this great state, which features more than 1-million acres of public hunting grounds. Mississippi permits goose hunting until March 31 and features a no limit policy.
  • Groundhog - This small game is open to hunters until March 31 in Illinois. With no limit, these vermin can be hunted from sunrise to sunset.
  • Hog - Becoming a nuisance in some areas of the South, wild hog is legal in Florida year-round and does not require a hunting license. The only limitation is that hogs are not permitted to be transported alive. Feral swine, otherwise known as wild boar, have no limit and are open year-round to hunters in Ohio.
  • Pheasant - Pennsylvania allows ring-neck male and female pheasants to be hunted statewide until March 31, with a two a day limit.
  • Porcupine - Pennsylvania has a daily limit of three porcupines, with a seasonal limit of 10 through March 31.
  • Rabbit - Jackrabbits, cottontail and swamp are open in Oklahoma until March 15. This fast rodent can be quite a challenge for beginning and experienced hunters alike. Florida has open year-round pistol or rifle hunting for rabbit.
  • Skunk - Also open to skunks, Illinois has no limit and permits nearly year-round hunting of the striped skunk. Hurry, because this season closes March 15.
  • Turkey - Illinois permits youth turkey hunts in the southern area from March 29 to 30, so children can capture one bearded hen or one gobbler, for a total of three this short season. Mississippi is also open to youth hunting for children ages 15 and younger from March 8 through the 14. Some parts of Florida permit spring turkey season by rifle, shotgun or pistol from March 1 to April 6.
  • Wolf - Montana is open to wolf for general rifle season through March 15, so hunters may want to head to the Big Sky state before this season closes.

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