Gun Laws: The Effects on Hunters

The heated topic of gun control is at the forefront of government legislation. Dominating news stories around the U.S., some hunters feel these imposing regulations won't affect their part-time hobbies. The true reality is that these laws will eventually infringe upon hunters' rights. While these bans may not have an immediate impact, they do have a long-term downfall.

While some hunters proclaim these regulations to be a common sense approach to gun legislation, the reality is that the government doesn't make anything simple. So whether it's 20 years or 50 years down the road, future generations will see gun bans, just as other socialized nations have enacted. This in turn results in complete hunting restrictions and bans, as the government doesn't specify that weapons can be used for hobbies, they just enforce a complete restriction.

In fact, gun compromise laws turned into complete confiscations in New Zealand and England, and some people will never live to see a real gun in person. Only myths, legend and lore will exist for these youngsters, who will become polluted by government rhetoric, brainwashed into believing that guns people kill and people don't bare the responsibilities for their actions.

For hunters that are still not convinced by this moving argument, look at the example of tobacco. A century ago, no one would have thought that tobacco would once be shunned and viewed as a killing agent. A profitable U.S. crop, tobacco was smoked indoors and outdoors, among youth and old alike. Today, people are heckled for smoking outdoors and in some areas, cannot even partake in cigarettes off their own balconies or decks. Not even half a century ago, Hollywood deemed it glamorous to smoke and while Congress has gradually proposed legislation, the ultimate fast-forward result will be a complete ban on tobacco and cigarettes. While no one contests that tobacco is a cancer-causing agent, the point is that Americans had the right to choose, not have the government dictate their actions.

Currently, legislators are going after "black" guns. They specifically identify black guns as evil and serving no sporting purpose, but the Second Amendment doesn't specify why Americans have the right to bear arms, simply that we do. While some disagree and believe that 30-magazine rounds have no place in nature, the stark reality is that the government imposes legislation piece-by-piece, until once the big picture hits and it's too late to act.

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